Cannabis Oil Benefits

  • March 26, 2018
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Cannabis Oil Benefits
Cannabis oil benefits are currently substantial and it has a lot of potential benefits as well. With research regulated, it’s the early days into the benefits of its use. But, the results are promising. So, there is hope that its full potential as a safe healer will become realized. Here are a few benefits of cannabis oil along with the research to back the claims.

Treating anxiety and stress with cannabis

Cannabis oil benefits a new age problem. In this modern age, anxiety and stress are more prevalent in our busy lives. There are a lot of modern prescriptions medicines full of chemicals to treat this. But, we want more natural ways to relieve anxiety and stress. Recreational users smoke pot to relax. They use it at the end of the day to unwind and forget the stresses of a busy day. A 2013 Israeli study linked using marijuana after a traumatic event helped to lessen the effects of stress. It helps to control your emotional reactions and prevents stress-related responses. Another study found using cannabis when upset helped to control the way you react to stress. There were also positive results into post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) research of veterans. A 2015 study found inhaling or taking cannabis oil had a significant on PTSD symptoms. It reduced nightmares, anxiety, and sleeplessness. Cannabis oil benefits are promising results from scientific research. And, combined with anecdotal evidence, it shows a need for further research.

Cannabis relief for asthma

Many people suffer from asthma. In fact, statistics say it affects 300 million people across the world with it killing 250,000 a year. Estimates say this will rise by more than 100 million people by 2025. So, there is a search for a natural way to treat it. According to a 1973 study, cannabis smoke does not react in the system the same way as cigarette smoke. Cannabis smoke causes the bronchial tubes to dilate rather than to constrict. And, does not cause central respiratory depression like opiates do. Smoking cannabis opens them up allowing air to flow through. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence from people using cannabis oil to relieve asthma. Though there has been no recent research to confirm this.

Cannabis oil benefits increased appetite and obesity control

Anyone who smokes cannabis is familiar with the munchies. It stimulates the digestive system and provokes hunger in people without an appetite. Weed can also stimulate the hormones responsible for suppressing hunger. It depends on which hormone it stimulates. For it to be effective, the cannabis needs manipulating to trigger the right hormones. Research shows marijuana may be effective for treating eating disorders and obesity in the future.

Cannabis and heart health

Cannabis oil has antioxidant that may be good for your heart. Studies on animals have had positive results. Marijuana could prevent heart diseases such as stroke and heart attack. A 2014 English study showed that positive results in animals were the same for us. Using weed relaxes the blood vessels. And, this makes them dilate and reduce blood pressure. While this needs further research, it is exciting news.

Using marijuana for relieving pain

One of the most popular uses for cannabis is for pain relief. It has anti-inflammatory properties and used for centuries for this purpose. Research shows it relieves pain by inhibiting neural transmission of pain in the body. Often people use it to control inflammation, especially while having chemotherapy. A Canadian study showed its effectiveness treating chronic pain. The trial showed that taking marijuana three times a day reduced pain and helped patients sleep. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence from people with other pain conditions. These include arthritis and rheumatism. Taking it in the right doses have shown great results.

For relief from seizures

A lot of the research into using marijuana for seizure relief has mixed results. Though it is often used to help people with epilepsy. Some people swear by its use but the evidence does not support this school of thought. But, in Australia, one of the main area of research is the use of medical weed to help those with epilepsy. These studies are ongoing with no results released yet.

Positive results in cancer patients

There is a lot of excitement around cannabis oil helping to prevent cancer. It has made worldwide news headlines but can be misleading for patients. Most of the positive results come from lab results or animals. It is not known if the results are the same in us. Until cannabis is legalized, research is difficult. Researchers have to work to strict conditions. But, they may change in the future. Cannabis Oil Benefits    
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