Best Cannabis Treating Bipolar Disorder

  • April 3, 2018
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Best Cannabis Treating Bipolar Disorder
The best cannabis treating bipolar disorder. Medical cannabis is helping people with a range of medical conditions. And, bipolar disorder in one of those conditions people are treating with cannabis.

What is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar diasorder was once known as manic depression. Best cannabis treating bipolar disorder are found at BC Seeds. Bipolar characteristics include extreme mood swings going from feeling low to extreme highs. When low or depressed people lose all hope and feel extreme sadness and nothing interests them. When the mood swings to a high-level people have euphoric or manic feelings. They may feel energetic and irritable for no reason. These feelings can affect how they sleep, how think and behave, and their judgement. People with bipolar can have these episodes a several times a year or on occasion. And, between these events, they can have other emotional symptoms or may not have any. Bipolar patients have psychotherapy and take prescribed medication to control the symptoms.

Different Types Of Bipolar

Bipolar has different levels of severity, but all involve mood swings. From depression to mania and sometimes a mix of both at the same time. These include the following:
  1. Bipolar I. A diagnosis of bipolar I mean severe mood swings from extreme depression to high levels of mania.
  2. Bipolar II. Bipolar II involves less severe manic levels but can swing to severe depression.
  3. Cyclothymic disorder. A diagnosis of cyclothymic disorder means periods of hypomania and depression are shorter.
  4. Mixed features. When diagnosed with mixed features patients experience hypomania, mania or depression or a mix of them together.
  5. Rapid cycling. Rapid cycling is when patients experience more than four episodes a year.

Bipolar symptoms

Patients can experience intense emotions, changes in behavior, strange behavior and difficulty sleeping. These changes are usually extreme and bipolar patient do not behave the same way as those without the disorder. When people experience mania in a bipolar episode, they may:
  • feel like they are on top of the world
  • feel energetic
  • have trouble sleeping
  • feel irritable and jumpy
  • be hyperactive
  • think they can do everything all at once
  • take risks they would not normally take.
When bipolar patients experience depression in a bipolar episode, they may:
  • feel empty, sad or hopeless
  • be low in energy
  • have no energy to do anything
  • be worried too much about things
  • feel there is nothing that will bring happiness
  • eat too much or too little
  • feel excessive tiredness and slow down
  • forget things
  • find it hard to concentrate
  • have trouble sleeping or sleep too much
  • think about dying or suicide.
Sometimes they may have symptoms of mania and depression at the same time, which is part of the mixed feeling of bipolar.

Treating Bipolar With Cannabis

Cannabis treating bipolar disorder. There is some research that shows cannabis can lower the threshold when transitioning through psychotic symptoms. But, the research is not conclusive though some studies show cannabinoids can benefit people with bipolar. And, anecdotal evidence supports this. Some research shows that bipolar can run in families, but it is not known why some people are more susceptible to it.

Best Cannabis Treating Bipolar Disorder

For many years bipolar treatment involved heavy drugs and sometimes, in the past, electro shock therapy as seen in One flew over the cuckoo’s nest. But there are many side effects from these so people are looking for better treatments. Lithium is the most common drug for treating bipolar. Though it can have long term negative effects that affect speech and how people think. Researchers reviewing studies of the benefits of cannabis for treating bipolar found people used CBD to help ease the symptoms. This gives hope cannabis can have benefits for people with bipolar. Cannabis can treat some bipolar symptoms such as trouble sleeping, depression, anxiety, and the changes in energy levels.

Best Types Of Cannabis For Treating Bipolar Disorder

Research has not looked the types of cannabis or the amount that will help treat bipolar. With so many types of cannabis available there are many possibilities. Smoking cannabis high in THC can cause negative moods compared to smoking cannabis high in CBD which can promote a positive mood. Best cannabis treating bipolar disorder include indica strains that can calm and lessen anxiety in patients. Sativa stimulates and promotes a positive mood. But, you do not have to smoke it to benefit from cannabis. There are other ways to take it. And, how you take the cannabis can also affect how it works:
  • smoking it can wear off in a couple of hours
  • vaping is inhaling the vapors of cannabis when heated and is healthier than smoking
  • cannabis-infused topicals applied to the skin
  • highly concentrated tinctures where just one drop under the tongue can give almost instant effects
  • edibles can have a long last effect.

Benefits Treating Bipolar Disorder With Cannabis

While anecdotal points to the benefits of marijuana for treating bipolar symptoms, there is still not enough known for it to be part of most state medical programs.   Best Cannabis Treating Bipolar Disorder
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