Best Cannabis For Depression

  • April 2, 2018
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Best Cannabis For Depression
Best cannabis for depression. People self-medicating with cannabis swear it helps their depression. While for a long time people believed cannabis can treat depression, others believe it can cause a depressed state. This is not necessarily true. So, which are the best strains of weed to lift your mood? There are many types and they all contain different levels of CBD and THC.

Cannabis high in THC

Cannabis contains THC, which is the psychoactive element that gets you high. While many say this is a bad thing, a study in 2010 study using mice found it acted as an antidepressant in certain doses. Another study in 2012 showed cannabis to act as an antidepressant in rats but needed further studies in people to see if it was the same in them. Anecdotal evidence suggests marijuana strains high in THC helps people deal with feelings of depression. When people take marijuana, the high can help them feel better about themselves and negate feelings of sadness and hopelessness. It can also help people sleep which is something people with depression often say they have trouble doing. While there are concerns marijuana causes anxiety, there is no real evidence of this. So, there is a need for more research on whether this is the case or not. However, there are thoughts the right dose of cannabis is important for alleviating any side effects.

Best Cannabis For Depression Cannabis high in CBD

The non-psychoactive properties in cannabis are CBD and it is this that can benefit people’s health. One benefit is it reduces depression, which a 2016 study of depression in rats found to be true when treated with CBD. The anecdotal evidence shows that Supercharged Silver Haze, a cannabis strain with a wicked ratio of CBD to THC, helps depression. Using CBD can also help prevent and treat the symptoms of other mental illnesses. People who suffer from depression often also have anxiety issues so CBD can help with this as well. So, what is the difference between the sativa and indica cannabis strains for treating depression? Sativa is recommended for depression because it is uplifting and can energize the user. It also help with other symptoms such as:
  • tiredness
  • lack of motivation
  • feeling low or sad
  • feelings of hopelessness and guilt.
Indica can alter your mind when you take it. It makes you so relaxed it can put you to sleep or turn you into a couch potato unable to motivate yourself to do anything but ‘vege out’. But indica has some value for treating depression and is best used at night when you do want to sleep. It can help with:
  • sleeplessness
  • stress
  • mood swings

Terpenes and depression

Terpenes are what gives cannabis its smell and taste, and used to create oils. The combination of CBD and terpenes with THC produces a greater effect than when used on their own. This is the entourage effect. This is what people refer to as whole of plant medicine when used together. Different cannabis strains have different aromas. Like lemon, which where Lemon Kush may have gotten its name, and pine. Research found the smell of lemons has an uplifting effect though studies are inconsistent. It could be the aromatherapy side or certain aromas associated with different cannabis strains that can produce an antidepressant effect. This type of research is only new but it is clear there is merit in terpenes having potential as an antidepressant.

Best Cannabis Terpenes For Depression

When it comes to treating depression, the levels of CBD and terpenes contained in different strains can be important. People with more than one mental health issue may prefer cannabis higher in CBD without the psychoactive efect to help with anxiety, depression, and paranoia. And, to use strains high in THC for treating depression because of its euphoric effects. What it comes down to is sativa and indica, both have potential for treating depression. But sativa is best used during the day when you are active and indica at night when you are ready to ‘chill out’ and sleep. Also, the terpenes in cannabis can play a part in helping depression. So, it may be a better option to use the whole of plant approach rather than looking for cannabis strains that isolate CBD, THC, and the terpenes when treating depression.   Best Cannabis For Depression
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