Best Music High

Best Music High
Listening to music while high is a popular thing stoners love to do. The older generations like the boomers, still love chilling out to the music they grew up with when they were in their teens. So most boomers are listening to the Beatles, the Doors, Toto, Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton and Super Tramp. Well, now that Canada has bud shops on most corners in every city in Canada, many younger generations are buying and smoking weed. We are wondering what the favourite bands are of the Generation X’s, Millennials, Gen Z.

Gen Z Music Choices While Stoned

Most interestingly to know would be the Gen Z, otherwise known as Centennials, since they grew up after MTV when YouTube was very popular starting back in 2005. iPods and Amazon were already here for them, so what music are they listening to now that they are old enough to legally smoke weed?

Gen Y Music Choices

Are you a Millennial? What music are you chilling out to? This generation are likely to be Digital Nomads, making and uploading travel and gadget vlogs on Youtube. I’ve caught Millennials listening to drum beats, what their parents grew up with (boomers) and also listening to Curt Cobain and other grunge music from the early 1990’s, before they were born. They seem to have the largest time-span of bands of all the generations. Most Millennials grew up with Facebook and they watched their parent suffer through the great recession in 2008. They’re the largest consumer in North America and they’re also representing the largest workforce for all generations. Echo Boomers were born between 1977 and 1996.

Final Words About Pot Tunes

No matter what generation you are from, we all enjoy our weed and good tunes. Our Best Music High may differ but it all has good vibes. Whether you like the classics, classical or country, pot and tunes go well together. Back in the day it was popular to cruise around on the gravel back roads with good friends, a spliff and some tunes. With all the stricter regulations in this new age, it seems those good old days are now gone. But today offers so much more easily accessible music entertainment, boomers don’t need to wait for 8 Tracks to come back in style.
Mr. BC Seeds
Mr. BC Seeds is an over educated old school hippy who has been involved in the cannabis industry since the 1970's. He is one of the most experienced marijuana breeders in Canada if not the entire world. He was the first to use the most advanced breeding techniques in 2008 to create 42 of the world's strongest cannabis strains. He has been writing in-depth articles about cannabis in Canada for decades and looks forward to continue bringing you cutting edge cannabis strains for the decades to come. Mr. BC Seeds uses a "pen name" because he still travels the world collecting cannabis strains and continues researching cannabis in laboratories of non-legalized countries.
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