Best Practices in Marijuana Storage

  • September 18, 2021
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Tips to Store Marijuana
If you’re a marijuana user, one of the most important things you need to worry about is how to store your weed. Every stoner wants to keep their weed look healthy and smelling freshly cured.If storage has been giving you trouble, read on for a few tips. Why should weed storage matter?  Here’s why you should be concerned about your weed storage:
  • Some Excessive exposure could lead to loss of terpenes, leaving your weed’s quality questionable
  • Weed may attract mold and smell awful, like mildew or musty.
  • Poor storage may also encourage mites and other parasites that can make your weed powdered.
  • Exposure to light and harsh weather can dry out your weed, reducing its potency.
  • Like most commodities, wrongly stored marijuana does not only lose its natural flavor; it produces an awful smell and can even make you sick.
A badly stored pot becomes evident at your first puff. 3 Marijuana Storage Practices Every Stoner Should Consider
  • Use Airtight Glass jars
Airtight containers are the best home for your weed. Also, ensure that your jar isn’t too big. Too much space may mean too much air exposure, which is unhealthy for your smoke’s quality.
  • Consider marijuana Humidors
Specially built weed humidors are becoming increasingly popular among weed enthusiasts. This product keeps your leaf within the appropriate humidity, controlling temperature and light, which can cause degradation. Some humidors come with compartments for glass jars as well as slots for your lighters, rolling papers, and related accessories.
  • Store in a dark, dry place
It’s best to eave your containers in a cool dark place like a closet, drawer, or cabinet. Remember, light ruins THC and degrades the overall weed quality. Prefer colored jars which can shade your flower from light and extreme weather conditions. Conclusion  Like many other products, the way you store your weed can impact its quality. If you want to get the best out of your smoke, keep in mind that storage is one of the main things to get right. A cool dark place with little humidity should work to preserve your weed’s chemical profile. Check out more information on best practices for marijuana storage and usage here at our blog post archives.
Mr. BC Seeds
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