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Best Temperature for Steaming Cannabis

There is no “best or worst temperature” when it comes to vaping cannabis. It all depends on the model of vaporiser you use and the compounds you want to vaporise.

Vaporizers fall into three main categories: portable, pen or desktop. They all work differently, and therefore the temperature needs to be set accordingly. For example, setting the temperature too high in a pen vaporiser can burn the grass. Instead, it would be ideal to set the same temperature on a different model of vaporiser.

Back to vaporising cannabis compounds, each behaves differently. There are several varieties of medical cannabis available today, all with their own compounds that vaporise at different temperatures. With this in mind, you will understand the importance of knowing which compound vaporises compared to another. With herbs that are still wet, for example, the evaporation temperature can be quite high. Therefore, always use properly dried weed, which will evaporate with greater efficiency regardless of the appliance used.

As vaping is almost certainly the best and healthiest way to use cannabis, we will always need to make sure that we take full advantage of its benefits. With this practical guide, you’ll know how to set the best temperature on your vaporizers. And the benefits of cannabis will be greater too.


Ideal vaporisation temperature: 157 degrees Celsius

What are its properties?

THC is the cannabinoid responsible for the potent effects of cannabis. From its ability to induce feelings of euphoria to its palliative properties, it is its effects that make marijuana so tasty and enjoyable.


Ideal vaporisation temperature: 180 degrees Celsius

What are its properties?

CBD is the cannabinoid that provides most of the therapeutic properties of cannabis. In addition to mitigating the effects of THC, CBD has the ability to calm a person who is overwhelmed by the effects of cannabis. In some cases, the different proportions of the two cannabinoids can also cause anxiety and paranoia. Now you can set your vaporisers to the exact temperature to vaporise the CBD.


Ideal vaporisation temperature: 186 degrees Celsius

What are its properties?

Some of the THC is converted into CBN when it enters the body. This reduces some of the effects of cannabis. Although it is present in quite low concentrations in cannabis, CBN acts as a sedative and helps induce sleep.


Ideal vaporisation temperature: 220 degrees Celsius.

What are its properties?

CBN is another cannabinoid found in cannabis that can reduce inflammation. In addition, some claim that it is also an excellent antifungal agent.


Ideal vaporisation temperature: 134 degrees Celsius

What are its properties?

Beta-sitosterol is a flavonoid that can reduce inflammation. It is beneficial for those suffering from pain and swelling.


Ideal evaporation temperature: 178 degrees Celsius

What are its properties?

Apigenin is another flavonoid found in cannabis. It can increase estrogen levels in the body and reduce inflammation. In addition, it can also calm feelings of anxiety.


Ideal vaporisation temperature: 182 degrees Celsius

What are its properties?

Cannvlavin A is a flavonoid that acts as a powerful analgesic. Its effects are very similar to those of other analgesics. It also seems to work very well in combination with other prescription analgesics.


Ideal evaporation temperature: 199 degrees Celsius

What are its properties?

Beta-caryophyllene is a terpenoid that fights inflammation and can be very effective in the treatment of malaria.


In general, it is always best not to exceed 230 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is too high, combustion will occur. In such situations, the benefits of the steam will not be realised as the burnt medicine will produce smoke and harmful toxins. But don’t worry, after a few tries and with our practical guide, you will be able to find the temperature that suits your needs best, so you can enjoy a tasty steam treat in your mouth safely and fun.

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