Can Cannabis Prevent Or Treat Cystic Fibrosis?

  • March 28, 2022
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cannabis for treating Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis is a genetic condition. It is not a disorder one can contract or develop. Those that suffer from it are born with it. People who suffer from cystic fibrosis experience different symptoms, which depend on two of the genes they carry.

Effects of Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis affects the body’s secretions. It impacts the organs, causing problems, especially in the digestive system and the lungs. This condition’s primary effect is the production of digestive juices, sweat, and mucus. The substances it produces are usually thicker than normal.

The secretions are thin and slippery in a person that does not have cystic fibrosis. This feature creates a lubricant-like effect in that person. However, the secretions become stickier and thicker than normal for a person with cystic fibrosis. This is caused by a defective gene.

Rather than providing lubrication, these stickier and thicker secretions create blockages in tubes, passageways, and ducts in the body. The mucus leads to potentially fatal issues in the digestive and respiratory systems. When this happens, the pancreas and the lungs are impacted the most.

Can Cannabis Prevent or Treat Cystic Fibrosis?

There has not been much research on cannabis and cystic fibrosis, but some studies have already been conducted. Even though there is no cure for this genetic condition, research concludes that cannabis can potentially alleviate some symptoms associated with cystic fibrosis.

Some symptoms of cystic fibrosis that cannabis can address may include:

Decreased appetite

Decreased appetite is one of the symptoms of cystic fibrosis that cannabis can potentially address. It has been known for years that cannabis helps stimulate the appetite. The cannabinoid thought of been effective in alleviating this symptom is THC. Doctors have proposed giving THC to sufferers of this condition because it will address the lack of appetite.

Malnutrition, which is a contributing factor to the mortality of patients with cystic fibrosis, is caused by a lack of appetite. If THC increases appetite, then malnutrition would most likely be alleviated. This will therefore help the patient get the required nourishment to help manage the condition.

Fatty acid imbalance

It has been observed from research that fatty acid imbalance is common in patients with cystic fibrosis. This is relevant because it is from fatty acids that endocannabinoids are produced. Endocannabinoids is a compound similar to cannabinoid, which is naturally produced in the body. Endocannabinoids play essential roles in the physiology of the human body.

Symptoms of cystic fibrosis such as lung pathology, nausea, and lack of appetite are often influenced by this cannabinoid-like compound. It is assumed that the deficiency of Endocannabinoids can contribute to cystic fibrosis etiology. If this is the case, cannabinoids like CBD and THC derived from cannabis could help restore balance.

Best Cannabis Strains To Help With Cystic Fibrosis

The cannabinoid most associated with the relief from symptoms of cystic fibrosis is THC. Not all strains of marijuana are equal because they have varying levels of THC. As a result, you must find the one that is best for your cystic fibrosis. For instance, some are high in CBD while being low in THC. Others have a higher or more balanced profile of THC.

A doctor who is experienced in marijuana use can help find the strain that is best for your symptoms. Their recommendation is sure to offer you the desired effect. Examples of cannabis strains that may be beneficial for your cystic fibrosis may include the following:

1. Silver Haze

Silver Haze

The Silver Haze strain is a combination of non-dominant indica variety and Haze. It is the first seed strain to quickly and compactly give the full-strength haze experience. Silver haze has a high THC content. Its users usually experience a long-lasting body high.

The high THC content of this strain is often appreciated by medical users. It is the best for anyone suffering from a lack of appetite. Lack of appetite is a symptom associated with cystic fibrosis.

2. Blueberr


Blueberry is another cannabis strain that has a high content of THC. It is popularly known for its blueberry flavor and aroma. This feature makes it popular among cannabis enthusiasts. Some people have reported success using this strain because of the high THC content.

Its users usually feel relaxed, with a long-lasting feeling of euphoria and peace. In addition to addressing anxiety, Blueberry’s deep bodily relaxation may provide relief from muscle spasms, rigidity, and pain.

3. Blue Blood

Blue Blood is a cross between OG Kush and Blueberry. With the potent legacy of Blueberry, it has pine and diesel undertones. The high is slow-building, as described by its users. Blue Blood may be beneficial for cystic fibrosis patients, as it is one of the top-rated strains for managing digestive problems.

Even though it is a potent strain, the CBD content of Blue Blood is fairly high. It does not leave the user too sedated, even though it offers a rewarding body and head high.

4. Black Widow

The Black Widow strain is one of the most potent. It is only recommended for cystic patients that are already experienced in the use of cannabis. This is because of its intense nature that can trigger THC-induced paranoia and panic attacks.

Black Widow is considered a hybrid strain because of its balance of both sativa and indica genetics. It has displayed immense promise at inducing hunger in wasting syndrome patients. Wasting syndrome is one of the issues of people with cystic fibrosis.

5. Tangerine

Tangerine is a sativa-dominant hybrid. It has both mango-like tropical flavors and a fruity aroma. The positive and euphoric buzz that Tangerine gives is accompanied by relief from anxiety, headaches, and stomach pain.

One of the symptoms of cystic fibrosis is stomach pain. As a result, Tangerine can help manage this aspect of this disorder.


There is no cure for cystic fibrosis because it is a genetic condition. Fortunately, it can be managed with the use of cannabis. Different strains of cannabis can help treat the symptoms of cystic fibrosis, like decreased appetite and fatty acid imbalance. At BC Seeds, we offer grade-A varieties of marijuana seeds for medical consumption. Explore our weed range to opt for the most suitable one to manage your medical condition.

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