What Is The Best Way To Germinate Cannabis Seeds?

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The life of a plant begins with germination. If you have an interest in germinating cannabis seeds yourself, you must understand precisely how to do it. Germinating your cannabis seed is a rewarding and exciting process if you know how to. There are a variety of methods, and not all are successful.

What Is Germination?

What Is Germination

Germination must happen before a plant grows. It is usually the initial stage of any plant growth. The seed breaks out of its shell and begins to grow once it realizes it is in a fertile environment. To germinate, a seedling breaks through its shell and grows roots. The fertile environment assists the plant to grow and also takes in nutrients, water, and light from the environment.

Germination is a very important process in the cannabis world. The seed must pop out correctly to ensure the normal growth of the cannabis plant. Cultivators do a variety of things to ensure the successful germination of the seed.

The Best Ways to Germinate Cannabis Seed

Cultivators use different methods to germinate the seed of cannabis. Some germinate theirs in water, while others use the old school method of germinating their seed in the soil. Some other people germinate theirs in paper towels.

There are other methods of cultivating seeds, and the choice depends on the cultivator. The best is the one that works for you in most cases. However, there are easier and better ways to germinate cannabis seeds from the various options. Here are the best ways:

1. Germinate cannabis seed with soil

Germinate cannabis seed

Germination of cannabis seed in soil is the most natural method. The soil provides a perfect environment for the cannabis seed to germinate and grow. It also helps protect weak roots from being damaged.

Nevertheless, you must take care of some things to ensure the proper growth of your seed. For example, you must use the right type of soil for the seed. Potting soil which is lightly fertilized is a great choice. A seed starter with a pH level of 6 or a little bit more acidic is another alternative. The soil’s acidity should provide an optimal environment for seed growth.

However, ensure that you do not use some material excessively. “Hot oils” are very rich in nutrients and are not good for germination and seedling. This type of medium is only suitable for mature plants.

2. Germinate cannabis seed with water

Germinating your cannabis seed in water is one of the best options if you want your seed to germinate faster. However, you must be careful about some things. The environment you want to use must be prepared so that it is optimal for the seed. The cannabis seed usually needs only about 24 to 48 hours to germinate.

However, some cultivators soak the seeds for about a week. More moisture is produced through this method, making it faster than the soil method. The presence of moisture is essential to the growth of cannabis seeds. This is because the hard shell will not be able to withstand the moisture. As a result, the root will break through easier.

3. Germinate cannabis seed with paper towels or cotton pads

Germination of cannabis seed using paper towels is a fairly new method. To ensure that the seed gets the required moisture, cultivators make use of damp cotton pads or paper towels. Two dampened paper towels are used. The seeds are placed in between and enclosed between both plates.

It takes up to 5 days for the germination process of this method to happen. The seed will begin to sprout in the paper towels and can be planted once they grow up to 5 mm. However, care must be taken once they are being planted. This is because they have a fragile root that can break easily.

There is also the possibility that the roots get tangled in the paper towels and break off. As a result, you should be very gentle when handling them. The best way to ensure this is by using a pair of sterile tweezers.

Other Methods of Germinating Cannabis Seed

The best ways to germinate cannabis seed is with soil, water, paper towels, or cotton pads. However, these are not the only ways. Here are two other methods to germinate cannabis seed:

Germination of cannabis seed in Rockwool

Rockwool is mineral wool produced from volcanic rock and some other materials like limestone and basalt. It is man-made but provides a perfect environment for germinating cannabis seeds.

Rockwool is produced by melting its ingredients into molten lava, which is then quickly spun into treads. What follows is compacting, curing, and cutting of the threads. Rockwool provides ideal growing conditions, but amendments may be required for the cannabis plant. This can be done by adding fertilizer before using it to start the seed.

There are drawbacks to the use of Rockwool that include not being environmentally friendly because it does not occur naturally. It can also affect your health, so you must cover your eyes and mouth and wear gloves when handling it.

Germination of cannabis seed in Peat Pellets

Another method of germinating cannabis seeds without damaging the young roots is using Peat Pallets. Peat Pallets are partially made of vegetable matter that has decomposed. Young plants thrive very well in it. Peat is optimized for germinating cannabis seed, unlike Rockwool.

The root becomes visible when the peat pops out. When this happens, move the whole pellet into the coco coir, rock wool, or soil. It will continue its growth there. One drawback of this method is that it is not recommended for hydroponic setups.


There are different ways of germinating cannabis seed, but the best is with soil, water, paper towels, or cotton pads. The choice of which method to use to germinate your seed depends on you, the cultivator. Do not forget that it is best to germinate and keep young seedlings indoors to allow you to control the environment. At BC Seeds, we provide an extensive range of marijuana seeds to suit all growing expertise and growing conditions. Look through our range and pick the one best suited for your requirements.

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