Cannabis Cross Tolerance Magic Mushrooms

  • February 3, 2018
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Cannabis Cross Tolerance Magic Mushrooms
Cannabis cross tolerance magic mushrooms. Marijuana doesn’t have a cross tolerance with Magic Mushrooms. A hippy who uses one drug can be tolerant to a drug that has a completely different function

Cannabis Cross Tolerance Magic Mushrooms

Cannabis doesn’t have a cross tolerance with Magic Mushrooms. So if you’re considered a pot head and then you think you can handle a large dose of magic mushrooms, and may be in for a heavy trip mate.

Cannabis Doesn’t Have A Cross Tolerance With Magic Mushrooms

If you eat magic mushrooms all the time and you try cannabis for the first time, you’re going to want to consume a low dosage because even though you’re a hard core shroomer, this will not of built up any tolerance to effects of THC and CBD on your body and mind.

These Psychedelics Have Cross Tolerances

Cross tolerance does exist between among shrooms, mescaline and LSD. So if you drop acid all the time and try shrooms for the first time, your body will already have a built up tolerance to Psilocybin even though you nave took magic mushrooms before. If you love peyote and eat mescaline on a regular basis, you’ll be able to tolerate shrooms or LSD better than people with no tolerance to these substances. It’s a phenomenon that these type of cross tolerances can exist. Cannabis Cross Tolerance Magic Mushrooms

Positives Of Drug Cross Tolerance

It can be positive to have drug cross tolerances. Say someone over spikes your drink at a bar with LSD and you unknowingly drink it. Having tolerance from your heavy Shroom use could keep you out of danger from losing your mind. Cross tolerance from roofs

Negatives Of Drug Cross Tolerance

The first negatives of drug cross tolerance hippies will first complain about are costs. If you have to use more of a drug to get the same results, it’s a negative on your wallet.  
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