Best Shroom Tea Recipe

Best Shroom Tea Recipe

Best Shroom Tea Recipe For You

The best shroom tea recipe is simple for anyone to make. It just uses a lot of common sense really. And of course it all ‘boils’ down to individual taste. Some people like bitter tea while others enjoy a sweet tea. I personally don’t like artificial sweetener, so I wouldn’t personally recommend putting them in the best shroom tea recipe. They are far more potent in sweetness than sugar or even fructose, so if you do use them, only use a small amount. Some people cursed with diabetes don’t have much of a choice though and they use them daily.

The Best Shroom Tea Recipe For Me

I normally enjoy a spicy chai tea with vanilla and honey to mask the flavor of my blue shrooms. I make the chai tea from scratch using premium grade ginger, vanilla, cinnamon (from cinnamon sticks) red peppercorns, whole cloves, cardamom pods, and freshly harvested black tea leaves. Use a grinder to prepare your magic mushrooms into small chunks or even a powder. You can use a bagged chai tea if you don’t have the time or interest in making your own herbal shroom tea.

Brew The Best Shroom Tea

Brew the best shroom tea firstly by brewing your tea as normal without adding sugar or milk. Make sure you know how potent your Shrooms are by reading this shroom potency guide. Make sure you use water that just boiled as it will cool rapidly. A trick many tea drinkers use is pre-heating your mug. Fill up your mug with plain boiling water. Let it sit for 10 seconds to warm up your cup. Then throw this water down your sink.

Hotter Tea Cup, Better Shroom Tea

Now your tea cup is hot and will maintain a warmer temperature for brewing magic mushrooms. Add you homemade chai tea mix or your store purchased chai tea bag. Leave in until desired darkness. Remove bag or tea mix with a strainer scoupe. Next, add your shrooms while the water is still very hot, not boiling, but as close to boiling as possible. This is why pre heating your tea glass is important.

Insulate Your Shroom Tea Brew For Best Psilocybin Extraction

Once you placed your chunks or powdered shrooms inside, cover your tea glass entirely with a thick towel. Be sure it doesn’t touch any liquid. The towel will maintain your shroom brewing temperature acting as insulation. Wait 10-15 minutes for your shrooms to fully brew. If you’re unsure if they extracted all their psilocybin, leave them in for a full 15 minutes. Filter out your musroom debris using a screen. If you enjoy eating small chunks of shrooms in your tea, then leave them in. Best Shroom Tea Recipe

Some Shroomers Like Their Shroom Tea Chunky

Only 5% of shroomers like to eat the chunks. The entire idea of brewing shroom tea is to try to mask it’s aweful flavor, so I don’t understand why 5% of you still eat them. Maybe because you don’t have much money for shrooms and you want to make sure you consume every bit of psilocybin there is. That’s my theory. Maybe you genuinely enjoy the texture, I have no idea what you crazy people are doing!

Finish Your Shroom Tea To your Taste

Add a bit of lemon and honey (or sugar or sweetner). If you like to add milk to ytour tea, then skip the lemon. I feel the better tasting shroom tea’s use lemon and honey.      

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  1. I just take loose cranberry tea, add my ground mushroom powder with boiled water that has cooled for 40 seconds. Then 10 minutes later I strain them and add lots of sugar. By this time it has cooled and I drink the tea down in a couple seconds. 10-15 minutes later I living in a better reality and opening my mind.


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