Cannabis Dispensary Jobs: What you need to know

  • October 17, 2021
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Cannabis Dispensary Jobs

The cannabis or marijuana industry is getting a lot of attention lately due to the huge medical potential of these substances. And now, you can easily find cannabis dispensary jobs everywhere you go.

Currently, the searches for terms like marijuana, cannabis, and dispensary have more than quadrupled.

“It is unclear how many jobs will be created and what skills would be required now that marijuana is legal”- Jennifer Ellis, human resources manager at Cronos Group – a medical marijuana company.

Elis recorded that she had received lots of resumes for jobs at Cronos, but it has been difficult finding experienced candidates in the cannabis sector, and that’s simply because it is a new industry.

However, many skills are transferable, such as working in a greenhouse or a horticulture company.

Quality assurance in a food manufacturing company would also give a job seeker transferable skills, Elis said, because the job is also conducted under strict regulations set by Health Canada.

It is a lot of challenging for employers right now. So here’s what Elis recommended for any seeking cannabis dispensary jobs – Put a high-level summary on your resume or write strong cover letters so employers can easily see the transferrable skills you have.

Many of the administrative jobs are typical of an emerging industry, such as sales or marketing. But production jobs are aplenty.

Professionals in the cannabis industry say the jobs in high demand are for workers to grow cannabis and for others to sell it.

Growing, cultivation, and production

There is a high demand for growers, preferably with experience, as more licensed medical marijuana moves into the business of growing recreational cannabis.

There’s actually a shortage of talent on the cultivation side, especially those who have experience within the regulated framework.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance workers are also hard to find, as they need to work under a governmental framework, follow proper procedures, and fill out paperwork.

There is a high demand in quality assurance for licensed cannabis producers.

Marketing and sales

After legalization, there’ll always be a need to get products and brands out to larger retailers. That’s where the marketing and sales role comes in. However, understanding how 20% of consumers that consume 80% of the cannabis make purchasing decisions and develop an affinity for a brand can be hard to understand if you are not familiar with the cannabis culture.

It is quite hard finding people who have the traditional business experience and can couple it with an intricate knowledge of the cannabis culture and the way cannabis consumers make their buying decisions.

Getting cannabis dispensary jobs

It is currently challenging finding someone with the right traits to work in the cannabis industry. However, to get a cannabis dispensary job, you need to be entrepreneurial and be ready to work in an environment that’s constantly changing.

Always keep in mind that the cannabis industry is fast-paced and demanding in terms of your time.

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