Cannabis turns Canada green opportunities

  • November 21, 2017
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Cannabis turns Canada green opportunities
Cannabis turns Canada green opportunities. Canada stands on the cusp of a bright new future. With the country set to legalise recreational cannabis, it will lead the world in creating an industry for Canadians worth billions of dollars.

Cannabis turns Canada Green Opportunities

These days you do not go to Canada to prospect for gold. You go to grow green weed and see it turn into green cash. So to speak. With only eight months until legislation comes into effect, the country sits at the precipice of unchartered territory. There is excitement across the country at the prospect of cashing in on a new market.   Cannabis turns Canada green opportunities Research from Deloitte found the industry valued at $23 billion. This includes growing, selling and transport costs. Then there are the security costs, edible products, tourism, tax revenue and new allied industries. Canada will soon become the first major industrialised nation to legalise recreational cannabis. It will become world leaders of a new global industry.

Black market sales worth billions

The black market already turns over billions of dollars in sales. But, the government is planning to take over from illegal organisations. Future cannabis bosses will wear suits and have offices in expensive buildings owned by the corporations they work for. They face with taking over illegal black markets to legitimise them within the new laws and regulations. However, eliminating the black market may not be so easy. Most Canadian provinces have not set up framework for selling cannabis. Only New Brunswick and Ontario have plans, and both plan to sell through government owned cannabis shops. According to Mackie Research Capital Corporation analyst, Greg McLeish, this will not work. He said government owned cannabis shops destroy the cannabis black market. Black market growers have been in business for a long time. It will take more than that. Their prices, convenience and loyal customers will determine where people buy their weed.

Black market growers cross over into corporate business

A new sub-corporate culture emerges across Canada. It is one where the old black-market growers don suits to join cannabis corporations. Aurora Cannabis, in Alberta, is recruiting people from the underground market to create a new culture. Cannabis turns Canada green opportunities. Aurora executive vice president Cam Battley said the company had a lot of people like him with a business degree. But, they are actively recruiting people from the underground cannabis culture. He said it was these people who have a passion for the cannabis plant and creating the best weed to sell. Aurora Cannabis already makes medical cannabis products at its high grow centre in Alberta. It is also building two more state-of-the-art greenhouses, and facilities at Edmonton International Airport and in Pointe-Claire in Quebec. The company is expanding into edible cannabis products, grow kits and hemp products. It is already expanding its interests overseas. Aurora has a deal to supply medical cannabis to Germany. It has also bought into a medical cannabis farm in Australia. Battley has concerns about Ontario’s plans to control the sale of recreational cannabis. He said by trying to monopolise retail sales, the government would not would not destroy the black market.

Cannabis industry will create jobs

Cannabis turns Canada green with opportunities and jobs. Legalizing cannabis will have a huge impact on Canada and its economy. It will create thousands of jobs. Much real estate will change hands, taxes paid and other business supported through the new industry. The government is spending a lot of money on education and policing, as well as research and development programs. But, not everyone will survive in the rush to grow Canada’s new green gold.  
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