CBD replacing ibuprofen pain killers

  • February 23, 2019
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CBD replacing ibuprofen pain killers

CBD replacing ibuprofen pain killers

CBD replacing ibuprofen pain killers now that it’s legal in so many places around the globe. The CBD in cannabis is well known for its ability to reduce pain. Research now shows CBD (cannabinoids) has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects to ease pain. It is as potent as anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen.

CBD proving to help daily inflammation pain sufferers

Many people suffer from inflammation and pain every day of their lives. These are the way your body tells you something is wrong and is a sign your body is self-healing. Whenever pain or inflammation increases, you may use painkillers to ease the pain. Painkillers that are also have anti-inflammatory properties are commonly referred to as NSAIDs.

CBD taking the lead for headache relief

The patent for ibuprofen was first filed in 1964 and discovered by a team led by Stewart Adam. It was first sold as brufen in the UK in 1969 and in the US in 1974. Ibuprofen also has other names such as Advil. Other common NSAIDs include aspirin and ketoprofen among others. They reduce the inflammation and pain of headaches, fever, pain, and rheumatoid arthritis. But there are potential severe side effects when you take these drugs especially for long periods of time. This can include high blood pressure, ulcers, heartburn, stroke and headaches.

How ibuprofen relieves pain

Ibuprofen works relieves pain by stopping the body from producing too much of the chemical prostaglandins when sick or hurt. Your body releases prostaglandins when you get hurt or are ill. These are chemicals naturally produced by your body. Prostaglandins make the nerves in the area sensitive to pain. And it sends a message to let you know there is something wrong in the area. They also make the tissues swell and become inflamed. This is why your ankle swells when you twist it or your glands swell when you become sick. Ibuprofen stops your body producing prostaglandins to reduce swelling and pain.

How CBD relieves pan

CBD replacing ibuprofen pain killers and works in animals. Many animals and people have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) which have natural CBD receptors in the body. They exist throughout the body in places such as the immune system, spine and the brain. The ECS regulates pain in the central nervous system. It helps to manage functions such as pain, sleep and your immune response.

CBD releases proinflammatory molecules

CBD for pain management research shows promise as an alternative for NASAIDs. And is a natural alternative to prescription drugs. It can reduce your level of pain and inflammation by absorbing the anandamide in your body. CBD releases proinflammatory molecules in a similar way that ibuprofen does. This has a direct effect on the ECS and also has an analgesic effect on the brain. It is also an antioxidant that reduces swelling which can be the underlying cause of most pain. Studies show that CBD is effective for controlling pain and reducing swelling. This means that CBD derived from cannabis can also help treat chronic pain, especially conditions that do not react well to mainstream drugs and therapies. CBD replacing ibuprofen pain killers and might be good news to many people with stomach ulcers and other digestive issues when taking ibuprofen.

CBD and potential benefits for pain control

The jury is still out on the effectiveness of CBD for managing pain. Most research studies for its topical use has been on rats with osteoarthritis. And there are promising results. In another report CBD was topically applied to children with a skin problem that causes a skin blistering. The result of the research showed the children healed quicker. The CBD appeared to stop the blistering, and reduced the pain. There were no side effects reported and one person could stop taking conventional painkillers.

CBD can reduce inflammation

Research shows promising results for the use of CBD in pain that is difficult to treat. CBD can lower the immune system production of cytokines and inhibits some of the receptors that causes pain. Other clinical trials show CBD is safe and works well for treating rheumatoid pain, neuropathic pain and the pain caused b cancer. Recently the World Antidoping Agency removed CBS from the lit of banned medications. This mean athletes can now use CBD products as an alternative to ibuprofen and other painkillers.

CBD works differently to painkillers

CBD works in a different way to painkillers like ibuprofen but this is not fully understood. Lab studies are more advanced in how CBD interacts with pain mechanisms to work, but clinical trials are advancing at a slower pace. The evidence CBD works is there. This has seen patients wanting to use it as an alternative to painkillers to reduce the chance of potential side effects of NASAIDs. In contrast with some prescription medications, the side effects of CBD appear non-existent. CBD does not affect blood pressure or your heart rate, and does not have a negative effect on your gastrointestinal system. It does not cause dizziness or other side effects that prescription drugs have the potential to cause. CBD can have a good effect on the pain receptors and assist in controlling pain.   CBD replacing ibuprofen pain killers   Their still needs to be more CBD clinical trials about its effect on pain. But there are many promising results that it may be a good substitute for prescription drugs. CBD replacing ibuprofen pain killers is just the latest breaking news. Stayed tuned for more CBD news.      
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