Future cloning cannabis plants using futuristic cutting edge methods

Future cloning cannabis plants using futuristic cutting edge methods
Future cloning cannabis plants using futuristic cutting edge methods. Growing cannabis can appear difficult if you have never done it before. It is easier to grow cannabis from a cloned plant than from seeds. This saves you going through the process of germinating seeds to start a new crop. Now modern technology makes cloning cannabis plants easier than ever.

Future cloning cannabis plants using futuristic cutting edge methods

All you need to do is take a cutting from a cannabis plant and put it into rooting powder or a cloning machine. Make sure to give it the tight nutrients and within 14 days your clone will be ready to pot. This will give you a good start to growing your cannabis plants. Clones are genetically the same as the original plant it comes from. So you want the original plant to be of top quality to pass this onto the clone. Here we talk about cloning cannabis plants using futuristic cutting edge methods and the equipment you need.

Basic equipment for cloning

The basic equipment for cloning cannabis plant is good for those starting out. This is the easiest way to start growing cannabis. The simplest method is to put your clones into rooting cubes which is the most common method of all time. You will need: • rooting cubes • a tray to put the cubes and clones into • a tray to catch the water • rooting hormone powder • a heat pad • a dome that fits over the tray to create humidity.

There are a lot of different types of cubes to put your cannabis cutting into that will help them develop roots

• Peat cubes. Peat cubes are organic and breakdown naturally so cannot hold their shape when wet. They hold moisture well. • Rock wool cubes. Rock wool cubes are sterile and porous made from spinning molten rock into fine threads. It sucks water up easily so make sure it can drain well if you use it. • Foam cubes. Foam cubes are water absorbent foam and are a good starting environment for clones.

Using an aeroponic system for clones

An aeroponic system is an affordable way to grow roots on your clones. It is not so widely used these days as it is quite complicated compared to cloning machines. Cloning machines also have a higher success rate. When you use an aeroponic system it suspends the plant roots in the air. They are continually sprayed with a mist containing nutrients that helps them grow fast.

Middle of the road equipment for cloning

There are many middle of the road types of cloning equipment on the market. Here are a couple of different types of cloning machines.

CloneKing 25

The CloneKing 25 is an aeroponic cloning machine. It has 13 spray nozzles and a submersible pump. With this many spray nozzles, the developing root system is always getting a fresh supply of water mixed with nutrients for rapid growth.

HydroFarm OxyCLone 20

The HydroFarm OxyClone 20 allows you to completely submerge the clone stems under water. This allows the developing roots to receive both air and water so they stay healthy. It is a very simple process and can grow roots on 20 clones at a time.

Advanced cloning equipment

There are a lot of advanced cloning equipment on the market. They make cloning your cannabis plant a breeze. Indica is easy to clone. Here is a run down on a couple of different types.

Tissue Culture Microclone Kit

The Tissue Culture Microclone Kit is the most complex way of cloning cannabis plants. Using tissue cultures is a new method that has been successful. You take a tissue sample from the plant and sterilise it. You then ensure it has the right nutrients and hormones, and light for the roots to grow. It is possible to keep the cultures for an indefinite period of time until you are ready to start growing them. You feed it different types of nutrients to encourage growth when you take them out of storage. Because the tissue is sterile there is no danger of pests or diseases when using tissue typing to clone. The benefit is you don’t need to keep the mother plant as you can store the tissue to preserve genetics of different types of cannabis.

TurboKone 24

The TurboKlone system helps to propagate your clones using aeroponics. You suspend your cuttings inside the machine and it sprays continuous jets of water enriched with nutrients to promote the development of roots. It has a fan to keep the system cool and to circulate oxygen throughout the system. For the cooling system to work, the air must be cooler than the temperature of the water.   Future cloning cannabis plants using futuristic cutting edge methods   TurboKlone helps to reduce damage to the developing root systems and protects from pests. This helps plants to grow faster and healthier than using other methods. This system has a removable humidity dome to suit your growing conditions. Now you have the low down on producing cannabis clones you can get your plants growing.

Future cloning cannabis plants using futuristic cutting edge methods

Try starting with the basic method and work your way up to the more complex methods as you gain experience. Soon you’ll be able to have a fully automated cannabis cloning robot to help you grow from clones with 0% failure rate.
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