Germany To Make Cannabis Legal

Germany Legalize Cannabis
Breaking News, Germany Legalize Cannabis. Leaked documents reveal Germany’s plan to legalize Cannabis. So traveller’s to Oktoberfest will have the choice to get drunk, get high or both. German’s are actually very conservative in their culture making the leaked documents a shock to many. Moreover, Germans have some strange rules about the THC levels in Cannabis and the age of the person consuming it. Let’s look into this a bit more below.

Leaked German Cannabis Legalization Laws

Not that the cat is out of the bag and the truth is revealed about Germany’s Legal Cannabis, should we skip Amsterdam as a tourist? The Dutch locals in Amsterdam have been fighting to get rid of pot for decades. It’s not the local Dutch that support the coffee shops in Old Amsterdam, rather the tourists. So many the same will be true for the Germans.

Different Vibe

Maybe Munich will become the next popular destination for Cannabis tourism. Can you imagine standing around the square watching the live jousting on the glockenspiel. What a trip! But are the German’s going to be as much fun to toke with as the Dutch? There’s even more options now for pot tourists wth Thailand already making cannabis legal.

Crazy THC Limits

For Cannabis Tourists heading out to Germany, you maybe in for a shock. You may not be able to spark up that favourite strain you’ve been dying to try. That’s because if you’re under 21 you can only smoke strains with 10% THC. Even if you’re a cranky old man in need of potent pain killing strains like Cheese, you won’t be able to smoke any as strong as our being limited to only a maximum of 15% THC.

Maximum THC is not the only limits

Not only do they want to regulate which potent strains you can’t smoke, they only allow locals of Germany to grow two plants. This makes it difficult to grow using organic, natural regular seeds, which are not guaranteed to produce a female plant. So you’ll basically be left to growing from feminized seeds.    
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