Trick or CBD Treat?

Trick or CBD Treat
Is your children’s candies a Trick or CBD Treat? How can you tell the difference? Halloween is supposed to be a fun time for children and adults alike.  It’s always fun to prepare a few nights before carving a Jack ‘O Lantern and watching E.T. and some other scary halloween movies. But check your children’s wrappers to make sure it’s not medical cannabis edibles. Sometime people having fun can mistakenly give out their edibles especially when they have poor eyesight.

The fun isn’t just for the kids

Parents often like to dress up for house parties and bars. Many prepare a year in advance creating their own outfits to win contest for the best costume. Some parents even love making scary front yards with tombstones, spider webs and scary monsters propped up like a scarecrow.

Trick or CBD Treat?

Children love to get ready for trick or treating for tons of sugar. But what kind of candy are your children really getting this year? Parents need to be on alert for their children’s safety from dangerous treats with adult dosages. Make sure to go over your children’s treats and make sure no one accidentally or purposely gave them a CBD treat. We all want to have a safe and enjoyable Halloween this 2022.

Safety trick or treating

Costumes can block your children’s field of view from moving cars and bicycles. And with the darkness of night and all the excitement and fear in the air it’s not uncommon for accidents to happen. So be extra vigilant and have a safe and Happy Halloween this 2022. If someone gave you or your children cannabis candies for Halloween, please share your story and the details by leaving a comment.


Parents need to be on alert CBD Candy. So make sure our children’s treats aren’t tricks and are safe candies for our children to consume this halloween. And make sure no one gets an upset tummy by over eating sugar. Let’s space out the consumption and enjoy candies all week long. For some more safety tips please visit here and don’t forget to brush your teeth before bedtime.
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