How Long Do Magic Mushrooms Make You High?

  • January 27, 2018
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How Long Do Magic Mushrooms Make You High
How long do magic mushrooms make you high? People across the world seek magic mushies for their magical high. These wondrous fungi contain psychoactive compounds that can take you on the trip of your life, depending on the mushies your take. The effects of the active compound psilocybin are the natural version of LSD.

How Long Do Magic Mushrooms Make You High?

Magic mushie devotees consume them in all manner of ways. In cooking, fresh and dried, and even as a tea. The big question everyone wonders, is how long these shrooms will make you high. The answer to this is not simple. It depends on different things.

How Your Body Breaks Down Psilocybin

How long do magic mushrooms make you high depends on your height and weight. Many factors how your body breaks down psilocybin is different for everyone. I guarantee if you took the same amount of magic shrooms at the same time as a friend, then one of you will come own from the high earlier than the other. How long it stays in your systems can depend on your age, body weight, liver and kidney function, what you eat and drink, and your metabolic rate. Then there are the different types of shrooms all with varying levels of psilocybin. So, you can see how long magic mushies make you high depends on a lot of things:
  • How fast your metabolic system works on magic mushrooms depends on how old you are. The younger you are the faster the psilocybin will leave your system than it does in someone older.
  • Body weight. The higher your body mass the quicker psilocybin will leave your system than someone that weighs less who takes the same number of magic mushrooms.
  • Kidney and liver disease. Psilocybin will stay longer in the system of people with kidney and liver disease. This is because these organs are not functioning at the same rate as someone who is healthy.
  • Eating and drinking. When you take magic shrooms on a full stomach the psilocybin absorbs much slower. Because psilocybin leaves your system through your urine, drinking water while high will flush the drug straight through your system.
  • Your metabolic rate. The speed of your metabolic rate depends on your genetics, state of health, exercise, and age. The faster your metabolic rate, the faster the drugs leave your system.
  How Long Do Magic Mushrooms Make You High

How Long Do Magic Mushrooms Make You High Depends On How You’re Taking Your Mushies

How long do magic mushrooms make you high? This really depends on how you take your magic shroom dose. It will totally effect the strength of your high. Taking them orally, and depending on how much you take, then the psilocybin can clear your system within around 15 hours.

Don’t Inject Psilocybin

Some people extract the psilocybin from the magic shrooms and inject it directly into their bloodstream. When injected intravenously, it metabolises quicker and clears the system within 6 to 7 hours. This is not something recommended.      
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