Beginner’s Guide To THC Edibles

  • January 12, 2018
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Beginner’s Guide To THC Edibles

Beginner’s guide to THC edibles

A complete beginner’s guide to THC edibles. No longer does getting your THC hit mean wrecking your lungs with a whole lot of smoke. THC edibles have exploded onto the market and are fast becoming the most popular way to get high. Some say they prefer edibles because they are cleaner and easier to take. The word on the street is THC edibles will give you a longer, more relaxing high. The thing is with THC edibles, and their doses, is the effects are difficult to predict with consistency. So, here are things to keep in mind when choosing what to eat next.

So, what are THC edibles?

THC edibles are delicious products infused with cannabis you can eat and drink to get you high. Nothing is sacred. Foods ranging from cookies, pastries, sauces, candies, and chocolates to beef jerky, and hot and cold drinks. You can buy them all infused with THC. There is a huge range of THC edible products. They offer so many dosage choices, you will have trouble deciding what to try next.

Smoking weed compared to THC edibles

Smoking weed can be a hassle with the smell and the damage it can do to your lungs. Eating THC edibles eliminates the need to cough at the first toke of a joint or from the hit of the smoke through a pipe. With a wide range of edible THC products, getting your THC fix every day can save your lungs. Soon you could be much healthier. When you smoke, everyone knows what you are doing. Do you like to be discreet? THC edibles mean you can get your THC anytime, anywhere without anyone knowing.   Beginner’s Guide To THC Edibles  

Beginner’s Guide to THC Edibles – Eating THC

Here is something to think about. When you eat THC edibles there is a delay in feeling the effects. This is because your body processes the THC in a different way than when you smoke. When you smoke a joint you get an instant hit as the smoke races through your lungs to hit your brain in seconds. Consuming THC edibles means THC slowly absorbs into your bloodstream for your liver to process. The liver transforms the THC into a potent substance called 11-hydroxy-THC. Reports from users say they experienced a heightened high that lasts longer than when you smoke it. Smoking cannabis gives you instant gratification. Consuming a THC edible means it will take up to 1.5 hours to feel the effects. These can last for between 4 to 12 hours depending on how much you ate. An average THC dose of between 10 to 25 mg is enough to give you the blissful high that you seek. But, everyone is different, so it affects people in different ways.

Never Eat Cannabis Edible On An Empty Stomach

Beginner’s Guide to THC Edibles encourages you to eat real food before ingesting THC. Avoid eating THC edibles on an empty stomach. For the best effect, take after a full nutritious meal. It takes longer to digest THC edibles on an empty stomach. Keep in mind drinks work faster than a dense chocolate brownie as a brownie takes longer to digest.

Where should you start?

The best place to start with THC edibles is to start with edibles that have a low dose. Start with 2 to 5 mg and give it 2 hours and see what happens before taking any more. Avoid being tempted by the deliciousness and consuming the whole lot at once. You do not know how it will affect you. Make sure you read the label before you take your first dose. There is important information on there about the THC edible you are about to consume. It will contain dosage instructions, ingredients, how to take the product, and any potential side effects. You should do this with any new product you are going to eat.

Avoid mixing with other substances

Avoid mixing your THC edibles with other substances such as alcohol. That is, unless you want to get wasted. Have some really tasty snacks on hand so you are not tempted to keep dosing yourself on the THC edibles. You do not want to overdose after all. This is easy to do, especially with the effects delayed you may get frustrated when you do not know what to expect. If you take too much there is not much you can do but to ride out the effects. They will eventually wear off. Make sure to drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Overdosing on THC edibles can leave you feeling overwhelmed, paranoid, nauseous, and disoriented. You may even feel agitated, hallucinate, and lose your coordination. Seek medical attention if the side effects are too severe. So, are you going to try out THC edibles as an alternative to smoking?    
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