Popular Marijuana Edibles

  • January 7, 2018
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Popular Marijuana Edibles
Popular marijuana edibles in 2018. Never before has there been such a choice range of popular marijuana edibles. With more US states legalizing recreational cannabis, and Canada set to do the same later this year, no longer are you restricted to getting your recreational marijuana fix by smoking it. A whole new world of sweets, chocolates, baked goods, and almost anything else you can think of is now a reality. The Year 2018 is a year of exploration for those who enjoy the effects of cannabis in ways other than smoking it. Here are some of the most popular marijuana edibles. Enjoying marijuana has never been so delicious.

1.     Pineapple Delight Bites

Winning the 2012 Santa Cruz Cup Award and 2015 High Times Award, Pineapple Delight Bites are a popular product from LiftedEdibles. These are real fruit treats infused with 6.25 mg of THC in each one. They are a mix of mangoes, pineapple. goji berries, vanilla and walnuts coated in coconut. Enjoy the taste of the tropics with your THC.

2.     Raspberry Macaroons

Raspberry macaroon cookies come from Utopia Farms. Made from natural organic, GMO-free-ingredients. These are a clean, fresh, simple snack using coconut oil infused with 50 mg of THC in every cookie. They are gluten free and vegan, paleo-friendly, kosher-friendly, and suit every diet.

3.     Reef Jerky

Now for something different. Badfish make Reef Jerky. The first company to infuse dried beef with THC. It comes in three flavors – Original, Maui Waui, and Firestorm. Reports say this is a delicious treat that has a total THC content of 100 mg in every packet.

4.     Cheeba Chews

According to High Times, Cheeba Chews are America’s favorite edibles. Cheeba Chews come in a variety of flavors, depending on the marijuana strain used, and THC strengths. You can buy them in packs or in single doses. For example, the Indica Chocolate Taffy variety contains THC, vegetable oil, cocoa, glucose syrup, sugar, lecithin, soy, whey, flavorings, and skim milk. They come in an eight pack and each chew contains 10 mg of THC.

5.     Watermelon Tarts

Sour, sweet and fresh all at the same time, Edipure’s watermelon tart gummies are one of their strongest THC products. They give you a laid-back sensation and help you to relax. Watermelon tarts come in two pack sizes – 100 mg and 250 mg. Each tart has a THC infusion of 10 mg. There is also a medical variety that has 50 mg of full plant CBD with 10 pieces in a packet, each with 5 mg of CBD.

6.     Topanga Mini Muffins

Topanga make a huge range of THC infused mini muffins. There is sure to be a flavor you will enjoy. Baked fresh using cannabis infused coconut oil and a hybrid sativa blend. They come in two dose levels – 35 mg and 50 mg per muffin. People say they give you a mellow feeling while still being able to function. Topanga mini muffins come in single, three and eight packs. Just be careful. These mini muffins taste so good you may not be able to stop eating them until you finish them all. They you will be really wasted.

7.     Wana Sour Gummies

Wana Sour Gummies are a handcrafted sweet that has a Sativa tincture infused into them while cooking. A mix of flavors including orange, raspberry, green apple, grape, and lemon. They come in a 200-mg pack with 20 pieces with 10 mg of THC each.

8.     Incredibles Blueberry Bliss Chocolate

Just for white chocoholics. Now you can take your THC hit mixed with the bliss of blueberry white chocolate. Triple tested for contaminants, these are gluten-free, and made with non-GMO products. Incredibles kept it simple with ingredients cannabis, crispies, blueberries and white chocolate. There is 100 mg of THC in a 100-mg chocolate bar. It can be easily broken down into 10 x 10 mg pieces.

9.     Beyond Mars – Chocolate Bars

From reports, chocolate bars from Beyond Mars are seriously delicious. They come in three flavors – zesty orange, mint, and dark chocolate, made all-natural ingredients. Infused with 100 mg THC from some of Colorado’s finest marijuana, these chocolates will apparently send you into outer space.

10.  Dixie Elixirs Chocolate

Dixie Elixirs makes a range of chocolate bars with flavors including orange, peppermint, and crispie you also have a choice of white, milk, and dark chocolate. This is a treat made from the finest quality chocolate and cannabis. They vary in size and THC strength, depending on the variety you choose.

11.  Punch Bars

Made by Punch Edibles, Punch Bars are delicious chocolates that have nine pieces that pack a punch with 25 mg of THC in each piece. There are 10 different flavors to choose from. Among them tangerine and mint dark chocolate, along with dark chocolate sea salt and milk chocolate malted crunch. These are award-winning THC loaded chocolates with choices to suit everyone.

12.  Korova Black Bar Brownies

Created by Korova Edibles, these Black Bar Brownies truly pack a punch. Packed with 1000 mg of THC in a 100-mg brownie it gives you the equivalent of 20 doses. The manufacturer warns this is the most potent THC edible on the market. And, by all reports, it lives up to its name.

13.  Dreamers Chocolate

Dreamers’ chocolates come in nine flavors with a choice of THC and CBD potency. All have formulations to target specific physical problems. For example, the Indica 180 mg THC are great to take at night and can assist with nausea, stress, and cramps.

14.  Blissful Black Tea

Stillwater’s Blissful Black Tea is an organic tea from India. It has 2.5 mg of THC and CBD infused into every cup. It aims to reduce stress and refresh you. This is a refreshing and organic way to get your THC dose.

15.  Baked Bros™ Pourable THC Syrup

Baked Bros™ Pourable THC Syrup comes in five fruit flavors. You absorb the THC through the mucous membranes in your mouth and it is further broken down by the intestines to give a high absorption rate. These products are all natural, fructose and gluten free, and have no artificial ingredients. They are available in three sizes – 150 mg, 300 mg, and 600 mg.   Popular Marijuana Edibles  

Most popular marijuana edibles 2018

These are just a few of the many different marijuana edible products available in a growing market. In a world where cannabis is becoming acceptable for recreational use, you no longer need to hide away. There is also no reason to keep smoking your weed with such a big choice of marijuana edibles available.  
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