How to Become a Master Budtender

  • October 19, 2021
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Best Quality to Become a Master Budtender

Working as a budtender in a marijuana dispensary is a different ball game. You are working as a retail employee, hence, it is important that you show strong work ethics, provide excellent customer service, and most likely adhere to some dress patterns.

You can call a budtender a dealer in the marijuana industry, and for you to do well, you need to have a strong knowledge of cannabis.

If you’re a master budtender, you will easily know different quality and grades of cannabis and determine if a product is safe for consumption or not. You can easily recommend products and give guidance on the expected outcome or how medical consumer patients may feel.

Budtenders are brave and always work hard to blend retail and cannabis experience together. It can be challenging at times, however, the master budtenders are the ones who can hold this space well.

How to become a master budtender

Do not be deceived; becoming a master budtender requires a lot of hard work and time. You would need to dedicate a lot of time into studying the plant and develop a working library of knowledge that covers the numerous marijuana products.

To become a master budtender, you need to understand what features make great cannabis, how cannabis is produced, how the plant chemistry impacts the consumer’s body, and how the different consumption methods influence the overall experience.

In summary, here are some qualities you should have to become a master budtender:

Good knowledge of cannabis products

As a budtender, you need to develop your knowledge base on cannabis products. Otherwise, you will slow down sales, especially at a busy dispensary.

To become a master budtender, you need to know the differences between Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid flower. More so, you need to be educated on every product for sale in the dispensary and not just flowers.

Customer service

The most important quality you need to develop to become a master budtender is customer service. Many customers may only have a general idea of different products but do not know exactly what they want. You should be able to create a safe space for customers to make the right decision.

Good etiquette

As a budtender, you need to understand how to manage your salesroom professionally. You need to learn good etiquette to become a master. Rarely will you see an experienced budtender handling cannabis flowers with their bare hand.

You need to understand that flowers are delicate, and to keep the integrity of the plant, you need to use devices like chopsticks or tongs to handle flower.


Sometimes, patients may go off the rules inside a dispensary. You need to learn to be diplomatic to become a master budtender. You should be able to deal with these situations with diplomacy and assertiveness.

To wrap up, always keep in mind that becoming a master budtender requires knowledge, passion, and a service-oriented attitude. Doing this will help you have a promising career in the industry.

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