How to Grow Cannabis in a Greenhouse

  • May 16, 2022
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Grow Cannabis In A Greenhouse

An effective method of cultivating cannabis is by growing it in a greenhouse. This is because it combines the benefits of indoor cultivation and outdoor growing. You can build a greenhouse if you do not have one yet.

How to Grow Cannabis in a Greenhouse

Generally, there are many variables involved in growing cannabis. Many things need to be kept in check to ensure the effectiveness of growing cannabis in a greenhouse. However, you still need to take into account differences in methodology between outdoor and indoor cultivation. Here is how to successfully grow your cannabis plant in a greenhouse:

1. Select a sustainable strain

sustainable strain

There is a difference in how cannabis strains grow. There are several factors upon which the best type required for greenhouse cultivation depends. These include the available space, your local climate, or if you plan on using artificial grow light. Additionally, you have to choose a strain between feminized or auto-flowering seeds.

It is possible to grow photoperiod feminized cannabis in a greenhouse. However, this comes with certain constraints, especially if exclusively natural light is used. Feminized strain flowers depend on the hours of sunlight they receive. Therefore, you rely on the seasons to stimulate flowering and support its vegetation. To control the plant’s development, you could also set up an artificial grow light timer.

Furthermore, you can choose auto-flowering seeds. This strain is optimal if you are using natural sunlight to grow. It is because auto-flowers do not need a set light schedule to flower. The yields won’t diminish , and the plants will not be harmed because of variation in sun exposure. As a result, you can plant this strain in your greenhouse at any time of the year.

2. Plan your grow window

Natural light is the main source of energy when growing in a greenhouse. As a result, you should plan your growth window accordingly. Ideally, you should make sure you are ready immediately after temperatures and daylight hours starts increasing in spring.

You should also know that your greenhouse will maintain a higher temperature than outdoor cultivation. Therefore, you should wait and ensure there is no risk of frost before taking your plants into the structure. This may be early or late in spring depending on the local climate and your location

3. Germinate indoors and gradually move seedlings to your greenhouse

indoors  seedlings to your greenhouseIn addition to choosing a sustainable strain and planning your growth window, you can also germinate your seeds indoors. To give them a head start, use low-powered CFLs (Compact Flourescent Light) to start nurturing your plant. Much space won’t be needed for this. This way, you can still take advantage of the outdoor growing season even if you use sunlight to conduct the rest of your growth.

You can then gradually move your plant to the greenhouse after a week or two as soon as your plants get stronger and bigger. This is to ensure that they get used to the new environment. You should not move them abruptly from the indoor space to your greenhouse. You can set them in the structure for a couple of hours every day. You can then increase the number of hours over the first few weeks.

4. Supplement lighting according to the weather

The greenhouse allows cannabis growers to supplement the natural light with an additional grow light. With supplement lighting, you can overcome stretches of cloudy or poor weather without being scared of diminished harvest. Additionally, your electricity bills are significantly reduced than if you grow your plant indoors.

However, you may not need supplemental light if you are growing the plant in a climate with plenty of sunlight. Nevertheless, it is still a good idea that you have one ready as a cannabis grower.

5. Use covers or blinds to force flowering

It is possible to force-flower the cannabis plant when growing in a greenhouse. This can be achieved using light deprivation techniques. For this purpose, you obscure plants by using elaborate timed shutters. You may also use simple blackout blinds or covers that cost less and requires less effort than timed shutters.

Blackout covers not only allow you to flower your weed at any time, but they also help prevent cannabis light pollution from nearby street lighting. This type of pollution can interfere with the flowering of the photo-feminized cannabis plant.

Professional Tips for Growing Cannabis in a Greenhouse

The cannabis you grow in your greenhouse should be productive. The following tips will help you achieve the aim of a bountiful harvest:

  • Watch your temperature: Greenhouse temperature can fluctuate greatly, unlike growing in a room or tent. For instance, the temperature of a greenhouse in direct sun can spike to levels that your plant cannot handle. As a result, having a thermometer installed is recommended. The temperature reading will let you know if additional cooling or heating is required.
  • Install a fan: The greenhouse is an enclosed space. This space can contribute to high levels of humidity that may lead to mold. Mold can threaten your harvest. To reduce this risk, make sure there are openings in your greenhouse for adequate airflow. A standing fan blowing gently across your plant can help prevent humid or hot spots.
  • How the plant will be watered: There is flexibility in how you can grow cannabis in the greenhouse. You may choose to water the plant manually with a bunch of pots. You can also decide to automate the watering system using drip irrigation or misting.
  • Secure your greenhouse: Having a greenhouse can attract attention, more of which comes when you are growing cannabis. You can choose to secure your greenhouse with a camera and a burglary alarm. Generally, having a locked greenhouse will prevent unwanted elements and thieves from your plant.


There are many benefits to growing cannabis in a greenhouse. Sunlight powers your massive harvest, you have control over your environment, your energy cost is lowered, and your plant is protected from weather and wind. Starting your greenhouse today will be easy when you follow the above tips.

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