7 Things to Know About Auto-flowering Seeds


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There are various types of cannabis seeds.  As a result, searching for the right seed could be tricky. However, there are common ones like auto-flowering and photoperiod seeds. These days, the spotlight is turning on auto-flowering seeds. This is because of its quality. Moreover, there are many properties that auto-flowering seeds exhibit that are not present in other strains of cannabis.

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What Are Auto-flowering Seeds?

flowering seedsFor years, the cannabis plant has puzzled researchers. This is partly due to its ability to adapt and survive different types of prevailing weather conditions. The Indica and Sativa strain are the most common cannabis strain. However, there is also the Ruderalis strain which is responsible for auto-flowering. The Ruderalis strain is native to Asia, Russia, Eastern, and Central Europe. Its flowering happens automatically. Its maturity, life cycle, and growth are very different from the Indica and Sativa Strain. Over the years, the Ruderalis strain developed traits as a result of its ability to adapt to the environment and various other conditions. For this reason, it easily grows without cues from environmental conditions.

7 Things to Know About Auto-flowering Seeds

While there are pros and cons of auto-flowering seeds, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. This seed is popular among first-time growers. This is because it is forgiving and tolerant of many errors. Below are 7 things you need to know about auto-flowering seeds.

1. Auto-flowers can grow all year round

Auto-flowers will be relatively ready to be harvested in as little as 8 to 10 weeks. This is a trait that is beneficial to people living in a warm or mild climate because they have endless opportunities. The growth period makes possible at least five harvest periods, depending on the environmental conditions. Auto-flowers may also be considered to be rugged species. They will still survive even when the condition is above freezing point. They are not affected by frost, even though the most rugged auto-flower may have its survival impeded by frigid temperature. Furthermore, you must know that it could take up to 18 weeks for some auto-flowers to evolve from seed to harvest time. This factor is due to the seed’s gene. In terms of duration, this maturity period is still favorable as compared to the photoperiod strain.

2. Auto-flowering seeds require no darkness

flowering seedsChanges in the light cycle do not affect auto-flowers in terms of triggering flowering. With this trait, they can easily be cultivated using various lighting cycles. Many growers prefer the 24/0 flowering cycle but you can still grow them using the 16/8. It is however believed that some metabolic and hormonal process takes place in darkness. Additionally, you will have a healthier plant if the plant “rests” at night. However, these are popular beliefs and there is no scientific evidence or backing for it.

3. Age triggers flowering

A gene is responsible for the flowering response and photoperiod dependency in other regular strains of cannabis. This gene cannot be found in auto-flowering plants. As a result, the flowering time does not correlate with the circadian rhythm. Scientists still do not have an idea about the gene in the auto-flowering strain that takes care of flowering. However, they are sure of one thing, which is that the flowering in auto-flowering seeds comes as a result of age. This happens around the seventh week of the seeds’ germination.

4. Transplanting auto-flowers is difficult

You should plant and leave auto-flowers in a container until harvest. When compared to other varieties, transferring auto-flowers is pretty delicate. It is unlike other strains of cannabis. Transplanting can affect its growth, and life cycles as well. However, the process is still possible altogether. It is a stressful process that requires extreme caution. It will be great if you can transplant without shocking the roots. By shocking the roots, its growth can be retarded for as long as seven days.

5. It is difficult to clone auto-flowers

Farmers have tried their best to clone auto-flowers  over the years. However, the process is a complicated one and growers think of it as being difficult. To clone, the cutting from an auto-flower will be taken to another plant. However, the cutting does not follow the genetic timeline of the mother. A negligible yield is often produced as the flowering is restricted to the timeframe of the mother. Yet, some growers have had success cloning auto-flowers. To make sure it reaches a significant size like their mother, their growth could be supported in the vegetative mode. Flowering then starts at maximum capacity.

6. Their flowering is independent of light

An auto-flowering seed is not light-reliant in its growth process. When compared to other strains, their life cycle from growth to maturity occurs in a short time. Cultivating them does not strictly require a definite time of darkness or light. This implies that farmers do not need to significantly spend on electricity to cultivate auto-flowers. Nevertheless, understanding the response and behavior of your strain to darkness or light is essential. You may get a low yield for some varieties that are cultivated in 12/12 light conditions.

7. The small auto-flowering seeds are easy to grow

Growing auto-flowers is not restricted to a particular place. You can plant them in containers, pots, or soils. The germination of auto-flowers takes 4 days at maximum. It may take up to a week for older seeds to sprout. This growth process is possible when the seeds are secured on a plate in a moistened paper towel. There is a need you cover it with another plate to keep the moisture.


Growing auto-flowering seeds  are not difficult. You will have no problem growing them as long as you have the right seed. The cultivating and planting process is an enjoyable one because it is relatively easy. The plants are forgiving of growing mistakes, and they also do well whether outside or inside. This is a fantastic strain for you to start with if you have never grown cannabis before.

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