Ways to Increase Indoor Cannabis Grow Yields

  • June 3, 2022
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As a grower, you have the option to either grow cannabis outdoors or indoors. Many indoor growers want increased yields for less effort and time. There are ways through which you can increase the yield of your indoor cannabis.

Ways to Increase Indoor Cannabis Grow Yields

No matter the strain of cannabis you grow, you can increase its yield at harvest time. However, you must understand that the genetics of the seed will greatly affect the final result and eventual yield of your plant. Another important thing is that you master the basics of growing cannabis. You should also know how to deal with cannabis issues that may come up. These two things are essential to increasing the yields of indoor cannabis. Below are ways to make sure of increased yields for your cannabis plant.

1.Use plant training

Use-plant-trainingYou can boost the yield of the cannabis you grow indoors by using plant training. Training your plant while it is still in the vegetative phase is very advantageous. This is true as you will have an increased number of flowering sites. It is also important that you research the style of training that is best for your grow room. The following are styles of training you may consider to help boost your indoor cannabis grow yield:

  • Screen of green (SCROG): You will have a more established canopy when you use SCROG to train your cannabis plant. Through this style, you can perform pruning after 5 nodes. The plant will channel all of its energy to grow.
  • Low-stress training: This style of training requires tying down the tallest points of the plant. Afterward, you can then allow them to grow, so they can reach their original height. However, this shifts the plant’s hormones, causing it to grow a heavy canopy with a bushy top.
  • Pinching/topping: Removing the developed shoots disrupts Auxin distribution. This results in the dominance of natural apical in the cannabis plant. This style encourages a bushy cannabis plant that has long branches, as well as reduces the height of the plant.

2.Using carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide can be used to grow big buds for the cannabis plant you grow indoors. For your cannabis plant to photosynthesize, it is also important to have a balance of carbon dioxide, nutrients, and intense lighting. The levels of CO2 detected outside of a grow room is about 400 parts per million (ppm). The levels utilized by plants are between 1200-1500ppm. This results in a higher big bud yield. However, it is important not to overpass this level to prevent stress. You should remember the following important things when using carbon dioxide to supplement the cannabis plant you grow indoors:

  • Avoid carbon dioxide above the plant and ensure that the grow space is completely closed off
  • When diffusing the CO2, ensure that you stop the in/out air extraction
  • The lights need to be at a minimum of 600W/M2
  • Using CO2 early into 12/12 or the earlier part of 18/6 is better
  • You can turn up the temperature to up to 300, and also pay attention to the humidity levels because the plant will stop air extraction if it increases too much

3.Feed soil with carbs

You can increase the indoor cannabis grow yields by feeding the soil with carbs. The cannabis plant will get a rich carbon tonic from sugar-based plant feeds. It is exactly what the beneficial fungi or bacteria in the soil will use. As a result, you must maintain your soil food web. The easiest way to make sure the food web is stable is to use un-sulfured black strap molasses. This way also allows the cannabis plant to take in the micronutrients and NPK present in the soil. They need this to grow frosty, fat, big buds for improved yield.

4.Plant a big-harvest cannabis strain

Plant-a-big-harvest-cannabis-strain.The cannabis plant is very diverse. It has genetics that can either be Sativa, Indica, or hybrid dominant. What this implies is that an indoor grower can choose a strain based on the flowering time, yield, height, and structure. Typically, the Sativa plant will grow tall and long. Indica on the other hand will stay shorter, and the bush they produce will be the size of a golf ball.

Additionally, you can get the desirable traits from Sativa and Indica when you use hybrids. It is also recommended that as you grow your indoor cannabis for increased yield that you research the strain that is best for you.

5.Use the right grow system

There are different growing methods for the cannabis plant you plant indoors. The amount of yield greatly depends on the method you use. Here are some hydroponic systems for you to consider:

  • NFT systems: No growing medium is required for this aside from a coco plug, Rock wool cube jiffy, or what you started your clone or seed with. The roots of the plant will then grow to pipes or a closed table that is always given a rich nutrient solution.
  • Dripper systems: This is the entry-level system for growers using hydroponics for the very first time. Setting up the drippers to meet the needs of your cannabis plant every day is quite easy.
  • Deep water culture (DWC) systems: The DWC system needs to be mastered so that you can get huge plants and enormous yields. Once set up, the roots will be in an aerated nutrient solution and suspended in a clean hydroton or pot.
  • Aeroponics: Aeroponics is similar to the DWC system. Here, the roots of your cannabis plants are suspended in a chamber. The chamber makes use of either low or high-pressure spray nozzle. This system has a very fast growth rate and impressive yields.


You can improve the yields of your cannabis plant regardless of if you grow them indoors or outdoors. The 5 ways detailed above will have a large impact when you grow your cannabis plant indoors. Master them, and you are sure to enjoy larger yields and a more potent product than the average grower.

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