How To Recognize Authentic Marijuana Seeds?

How To Recognize Authentic Marijuana Seeds?

You can buy the cannabis seeds from a variety of sources including marijuana online store. The seeds will vary a lot in quality according to where it has been acquired from. When buying the seeds, you should make sure to buy the seeds, which are matured, feels hard and looks dark brown in color. Being able to judge the quality of the seeds is really important as a cropper. We cannot say that all such seed sources will provide you the good quality and genuine seeds. At times, you may end up in getting a bunch of useless seeds too. To be on the safer side, you must check out the originality of the marijuana seeds.


Ways to Check the Originality of the Seeds


1. Be Sure to Purchase the Seeds from Seed Banks

You have to pay a visit to the British Columbia seed bank to get high-quality seeds. The seed banks guarantee seed feminization and strain development. The seed banks know the techniques of breeding and make sure their customers get the best quality of seeds. You should not intend to buy the seeds from the black market dealers at any cost. The black market dealers do not have genuine seeds and most of the time they may not know where the seeds come from. The black market dealers do not care about the quality and originality of the seeds. They simply get it from others and sell it to the croppers.


2. Conduct the Float Test

If you are not sure about the authenticity of the seeds, you can reckon to conduct the float test to the seeds. For conducting this test, you should fill up a glass jar with water and place your seeds. If the seeds are genuine, then the seeds have to sink to the bottom. If the seeds float, then they are of poor quality.


3. Check the Appearance and Feel of the Seeds

You should check how the seeds look and feel to gauge its quality. If the seeds expose darker brown color on the outer shell and feel harder, then the seeds are healthy and genetically good. At times, you may encounter a tiger stripe on the seeds. Another way to check the seed quality is to place the seed in between your index finger and thumb and gently squeeze the seed. If the seed remains firm and unbreakable, then you can consider buying the seeds. If the seeds are not of good quality, then they will crackle and crumble when pressure is applied.


4. Sprout the Seeds

One good method to test the authenticity of the seeds is to put them in the soil. As you all know, you do not need to wait for too long to see the results. If they are good and genuine seeds, they will sprout. Otherwise, the seeds would not sprout. The point is that commercial croppers do not have time for this. The passionate or hobby croppers can check the quality of the marijuana seeds with this method.

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