Sensimilla seedless marijuana

Sensimilla seedless marijuana
All you need to know about sensimilla seedless marijuana. For the highest quality bud, you’ll be growing sensimilla seedless marijuana. This is unfertilized female cannabis plants. Male cannabis plants are undesirable as they take all the energy to produce seeds instead of producing resign covered buds.

Concentrate your cannabinoid production

Just think about all those seeds and the energy needed to make them. That’s why sensimilla seedless marijuana is so potent in THC and CBD. You can concentrate your cannabinoid production when you bypass seed production. That’s how you get giant buds dripping with trichomes. Sensimilla seedless marijuana looks so frosty and delicious.

Sensimilla seedless marijuana

Female plants are grown separately from males. This produces potent seedless weed. For the female plant to produce seeds, it needs pollinating by a male plant. But some types of cannabis are hermaphrodite which means the one plant is both male and female. They can produce male pollen and female pistils to produce seeds when allowed to, subjected to environmental stressors.

Seeded bud is inferior

The female plant starts dying when the seeds are mature and the seeds drop from the plant. You can either use them for your next crop or collect them to produce CBD hemp seed oil.  But the bud grown with seeds is inferior. Many of you are too young to remember the imported weed from Mexico back in the 1970’s, 80’s and even 90’s. Back then all weed was basically imported from Mexico or Jamaica. And it had a terrible name, ditch weed. Ditch weed was full of seed and had very low THC levels, sometimes you would be lucky to get anything that was 3 or 4 percent THC. Most of the time though, you were smoking 1% ditch weed. Most of the Jamaican weed was stored improperly and had lots of mold. Smoking mold in cannabis is dangerous to your health.

Seeded cannabis THC work around

Hashish was popular back in those days because you could at least concentrate the low levels of available THC from the ditch weed and bring it up to maybe 20% THC. Most of the weed grown back then were sativa strains, so the hash had a nice pick up high about it. So if you have the choice, grow the best sensimilla seedless marijuana. Remember, to use your precious plants energy for bud production, not wasting it on seeds. Grow sensimilla seedless marijuana and have the best buds.
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