• July 31, 2021
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Tips to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety is a widespread problem that affects millions of people each year, and stress is frequently a direct cause of that anxiety. Incorporating the practises and strategies listed below into your daily routine may assist to improve your quality of life and should be the first step(s) you take in your endeavour to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

• Yoga Breathing

A classic yoga breathing exercise is to concentrate on your breath. Because you can’t be worried while taking deep breaths, this approach is immediately soothing. Deep breathing is simple to practise and incredibly helpful for lowering tension and anxiety.

Close your eyes and sit in a comfortable and quiet area. Exhale completely through your mouth, then inhale four times through your nose. Hold your breath for seven counts, then exhale gently through your mouth for eight counts. Repeat this breathing practise a few times more until you feel peaceful.

• A Simple Walk

A long walk is a type of cardiovascular exercise that releases endorphins, which make you feel better. And, while a walk around the city can surely help with stress, nothing beats a good walk through nature – even if it’s only in the neighbourhood park. Physical activity, getting away from excessive noise and traffic, and keeping the body moving can all help to establish and sustain internal serenity and quiet. A 20-minute stroll can often be all that is required to start feeling better.

• Meditation with Intention

Buddhists have utilised mindful meditation for millennia, and it is now becoming a somewhat widespread meditative approach for stress management. This type of meditation involves actively participating in each passing moment; by focusing on and experiencing what is happening in your immediate surroundings — your breath, the sound of traffic in the distance, the hum of a refrigerator — you will begin to rid the mind of ongoing worries and fears that cause anxiety and stress. Even a 10-minute daily meditation practise in which you are attentively aware and actively engaged in the present moment can help reduce stress caused by negative thought patterns.

• A Warm Bath

A relaxing hot bath is usually a good way to unwind. With a few drops of lavender oil and/or an aromatic Bath Bomb, you may transform a mundane bathroom into an ethereal, spa-like experience. Adding Epsom salt may also assist to enhance the relaxing impact of a hot bath. The hot water itself boosts the body temperature, which may aid in mood improvement. Finally, hot water relieves muscle tightness, which is often a direct cause of stress. Exercising, sipping hot tea, sitting in a sauna, and sunbathing all help to increase mental well-being, which may be explained by exposure to heat and warmth.

Natural Techniques for Reducing Stress and Anxiety

By implementing one or more of the aforementioned techniques into your everyday life, you may be able to tangibly lower anxiety and stress levels, as well as feel more emotionally balanced. Overall, make a conscious effort to treat your body the way it deserves to be treated – eat well, get lots of quality rest, keep the body moving and engaged in physical activity – and you’ll notice that anxiety and stress do not have to be a large part of your life.

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