Pot for pets

  • February 6, 2017
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Pot for pets

Medicinal cannabis is infiltrating all parts of our lives. There is now pot for pets. Not to miss out on its medical benefits, pet owners can use pot products for a wide range of things from arthritis to anxiety. It can help pets the same way it helps people. [br] So, have owners lost the plot giving their pooches pot? No. Not really. It is not marijuana in these products, but hemp. And, there is a difference between marijuana and hemp. There was a time when hemp was illegal in many countries including the US, as it was mistakenly classified the same way as marijuana – as an illicit drug. These days’ hemp products are commonly found in local grocery stores, and are widely known for their therapeutic properties. [br] You will not find pot products for your pet pot at your local supermarket. These are made from the whole plant. These can be found by shopping online or in specialist stores. [br] You may be asking what the difference is between marijuana and hemp. Pot for Pets

Difference between hemp and marijuana

Hemp and marijuana come from the cannabis plant, which has more than 60 chemical types known as cannabinoids. There are two main chemical types – tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is what makes you high and the cannabinols (CBDs) that have the therapeutic benefits. [br] The THC levels in marijuana are usually around 10 to 15%, while in hemp it is less than 0.3%. At such a low level, there is no chance of either dogs or people being adversely affected.

What is good about CBD?

CBD is one of the natural chemicals contained in the cannabis plant along with flavonoids and terpenoids. Animals and people have cannabinoid receptor sites within the brain and nervous system, as well as in other places like the immune cells. This is our endocannabinoid system. [br] Many years of research shows that CBD can help with many medical conditions such as skin problems, tumors, pain, seizures, and neurological disorders. It is also well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. [br] The CBDs in hemp can help treat acute and chronic diseases in your dog. Conditions like arthritis, aggression, stress, eating issues, and problems with the immune system. Research is currently underway on the effect of CBD in treating cancers, diabetes, and other organ diseases. Hemp is also used for treating acute pain in things like sprains and torn ligaments, and some vets are using it to treat pain, and to reduce swelling and stiffness after an operation. [br] Products containing CBD can be useful for any dog taking conventional medications to treat any of these types of conditions. It has few side effects and by using this in a therapeutic way, you may be able to reduce the doses of conventional drugs to lessen their long-term negative effects.

How safe is CBD?

Hemp is safe for dogs. It has a low level of THC, which is what makes you high. The most common side effect is hemp can make your dog a bit sleepy. On rare occasions, itchiness and a little vomiting have been reported. If your dog has any reactions, stop giving it the CBD product. [br] But, be aware, that if your dog raids your marijuana stash it can mean an emergency visit to the vet. The effects of this can be serious. If this happens to you, keep an eye on your dog for symptoms. These can include dilated pupils, vomiting, being unsteady on their feet, lethargy, unconsciousness, and urinating uncontrollably.

Hemp products for dogs

The best way to start off using pot for your pet is to use a commercial product. These can be in the form of oil or a tincture, or treats containing CBD. How quickly they work depends on your dog’s system and the dose you give. CBD may give instant pain relief, but it may take several days for swelling to reduce. [br] Make sure you store your hemp treats and oil in a safe place. You do not want your pet raiding your supply.

How much pot for pets to use

It is best to start on a low dose and work up until you get the correct dose. General advice is to give 1 drop of oil per 10 lbs of weight a day. Do this for a week and double the dose by giving 1 drop twice a day. Watch for any side effects. If you see any, stop giving your dog the product. [br] Be wary of following manufacturer’s dosage instructions when you first give a cannabis product to your dog. It is often recommended to give only a quarter of what a manufacturer recommends to let your dog’s system get used to something new. Gradually increase the dose over coming weeks until you reach the manufacturer’s recommended dose. Do not exceed it. [br] CBD hemp products are safe and legal to give your dog. They can offer therapeutic support to conventional medicine. [br] Many customers grow their own pot for pets using the CBDoc Strain to make thier own CBD treats for sick dogs and cats.
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