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Purple Punch Cannabis Seeds

Purple Punch has been an overwhelming success, and for good reason. It’s a powerful Indica that is easy to grow and is incredibly beautiful. This sweet and relaxing strain is born from the mix of Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple. Its beautiful purple hues and sweet flavour are inherited from Grandaddy Purple and it gets its performance and power from Larry OG, a mix you won’t want to miss. We always have connections to the highest quality seeds, that is why we are known worldwide. We have been in this exciting business for over 20 years and believe us when we say, there’s nothing we like more than filling your gardens with these true marvels of mother nature.


What Are The Effects Of Purple Punch Feminized?

An Indica that will leave you absolutely relaxed and mesmerized. It is ideal for the end of the day. If you want to kick back after a long day at work, this is the strain for you. Take a relaxing shower, put on comfortable clothes, select your favourite music or show and enjoy this wonderful strain in the way you like best. You will be blown away by its aroma, flavour, and effects. It could help alleviate issues with anxiety, nervousness, insomnia and stress, and other ailments. It will also be a good companion to help alleviate some side effects of some medications or treatments, such as nausea. Find out why Purple Punch is such a beloved strain and why it has touched the hearts of so many.

What Does It Taste Like?

This strain is a stoner favourite, not just because of its potency, but also because of its incredible aroma and flavour. A flavour that meets the expectations of even the most demanding palates. You will find a mixture of mouth-watering sweet flavours, caramel, apple pie, blueberries, cherries and to finish a spicy aftertaste.

Characteristics And Care

Another reason why this variety is very popular is because of its appearance. It’s a compact but robust plant, making it easier to grow even if you don’t have much space. Purple Punch has a low cultivation difficulty and a yield that will leave you surprised. She can generate up to 800 gr/m2, depending on where you decide to grow.

Growing Outdoors

With the proper outdoor conditions she’ll thrive. Its buds are sure to impress with purple flowers, orange pistils, and an enormous amount of white trichomes which might just make you the happiest grower in the world! A beauty without limits that’s not too hard to grow. A perfect strain for professional growers due to its high yield and rapid growth making it right for those who have a small garden to tend too. Either way, watching them grow is a spectacle! We are a Top Seed Bank. Buy from us today!


THC Percentage




Yield Indoors


Yield Indoors g/m2

800 g/m2

Yield Outdoors


Yield Outdoors g/m2

800 g/m2

Height Indoors


Height Outdoors


Height Oudoors Metric

100-125 cm

Height Outdoors Imperial

140 cm

Flowering Times

51-60 Days

Flowering Days

63-77 Days

Harvest Month



Mostly Indica Hybrid

Genetic Percentage

90% Indica / 10% Sativa

Cloning Difficulty


Growing Difficulty



Berry, Caramel, Fruity, Pepper, Sweet

Buzz Length Smoked

5-8 Hours

Buzz Length Eaten

8-12 Hours

Type of Seeds

Feminized Seeds


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