The best two Indica Strains from BC Seeds

  • June 7, 2021
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Indica Strains

Indica strains come from the Cannabis Indica plant. These strains are rich in CBD and THC. However, the amount of CBD and THC completely depends on the type of strains that you are using. BC Seeds is one of the most offensive online platforms for Indica strains of all kinds. Here, you will find some of the best quality Indica strains of which are extremely beneficial for human health. So, let us have a look at some of the most popular Indica strains from BC Seeds.

Black Indica: Black Indica is one of the purest Indica strains sold by BC Seeds. It is extremely beneficial for human beings. The strain was named so because of its star colour and distinctive appearance. The strain is being used for medicinal purposes since the 1980s. It can be used for the treatment of chronic pain. It can also promote sleep. The black Indica strains are known for their unique growing characteristics. They have dark purply frosty leaves that turn black during the flowering season. The resins and trichomes have a stunning colour. The strains also have a specific smell which makes them all the more addictive among people.

Various medicinal uses of Black Indica:

Black Indica is one of the most preferable Indica strains among people. This is mainly because of its medicinal use. It can improve your mood and can be used for treating depression. It also gives you relief from the tightness of muscle. The sedative effects of black Indica are exploited in various medicines. It is also ideal for migraines and joint pain. The strain is also being used for the treatment of degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s.

Indica 50: Indica 50 contains the highest amount of THC in the strain and it is known for its psychoactive effect. It is very popular among the cash croppers and is grown for its high profit. It also has the highest THC content among all other Indica strains and the shortest flowering time. It is an excellent strain with very low CBD in it. It will also create a feeling of euphoria in your mind. The strain is known for its extreme painkilling effect. It is always in demand and can also be used for various research-based activities.

Various medicinal uses of Indica 50:

Indica 50 has multiple medicinal uses. First and foremost, it is extremely popular for its pain-relieving properties. You can also use these strains to calm yourself down and feel relaxed. Indica 50 can give you a feeling of happiness. It will make you self confident. You can also use it for treating various neurological diseases. The psychoactive property can also give you relief from extreme stress. It can also give you some relief from the various symptoms of cancer.

So, these are two of the best Indica strains from BC Seeds. Purchase your Indica strain today itself and get yourself benefitted from the numerous benefits of cannabis Indica. Also, don’t forget to let us know about your experience.

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