Vaping: Safe Way To Consume Marijuana

  • March 5, 2020
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Vaping Safe Way To Consume Marijuana
Over 3.8% of the world’s population consumes marijuana either for recreational activities or for medicinal purposes. But, most of them have the same question, “Is it safe to consume marijuana/weed?” Well, any smoke you inhale is bad for your lungs. Whether you smoke tobacco or weed, their burnt elements will get in your lungs and will irritate the tissues. Smoking for longer periods will cause several issues like,
  • Coughing
  • Air pockets between lungs and between chest wall & lungs
  • Excessive mucus production
  • Weakened immune system
So, what is the solution? Should you stop smoking weed? Yes, you should! Does it mean the end of marijuana consumption through smoking for you? Well, no. You can adapt to a minor change. Instead of smoking, you can vape. To some, vaping may seem similar to smoking but don’t stay aloof, there are many differences between them. Before we start off with the benefits of vaping marijuana, first let’s understand what vaping is What Is Vaping? Vaping is a method to consume substances like marijuana in the form of aerosol or vapor. Instead of burning the leaves, they are vaporized and inhaled. Vaping is done through e-cigarettes or vape. It uses metal coils to heat up cannabis but not so much that it starts burning. Heating helps to form fine particles of the marijuana, making it less harmful. Many people who switched from smoking to vaping have experienced better lung conditions. So, it can be said that vaping can help to lower the risks of respiratory issues than smoking. What Are The Advantages Of Vaping Marijuana? Contrary to what some people believe, vaping marijuana is actually more beneficial than smoking it. Let’s look at some of its advantages.  
  • Lower Consumption Of Tar & Toxins
  • Less Effect On Lungs
  • Affects As Quickly As Smoking
  Lower Consumption Of Tar & Toxins As vape creates aerosol, the toxicity of marijuana reduces substantially. Did you know? Smoking weed or any other substances causes tar to stick to your bronchitis. But with vaping, marijuana is only heated and not burnt and that makes it less toxic. If you switch from smoking to vaping then you can easily add more years to your life Marijuana is consumed in the form of dry herbs or CBD oil, which are vaporized, and as a result, you do not inhale any toxic substance. Consequently, no tar sticks to your bronchitis and there is no build up of toxins in your body. Less Effect On Lungs From the first point you can easily understand that it has less bad effect on lungs. Did you know? In one study, the daily users of marijuana who suffered from many issues like phlegm, chronic coughing, excessive mucus production, and more were asked to switch to e-cigarettes. And just after a month, they experienced better health conditions than before. Acts As Quickly As Smoking We asked a few marijuana users if vaping took longer to take effect than smoking and all of them had the same answer, “NO! Contrary to some people’s beliefs they said they felt no difference in the time marijuana took effect on them while vaping. But, they experienced lower health issues.
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