How To Pass Drug Urine Test In 24 Hours?

How To Pass Drug Urine Test In 24 Hours
Deceiving a drug test can be hard in 24 hours if you do not know the best methods. But with preparation, a few tricks & techniques, it is possible to pass a drug urine test. Maybe your new job requires you to pass a drug urine test, or you are on parole and you need to pass the test to keep your slate clean. Well, whatever maybe the reason, we have the solution. Before we get into how to pass a drug urine test in 24 hours, we would like to remind you that if you’re a heavy drug user then cleaning your system in 24 hours is pretty hard, it usually takes 30-60 days naturally. But if you’re an occasional smoker then worry not. Now, let’s learn how to pass the test… Dilution Is The Key One of the most used, easy & cheapest methods to beat the test is dilution. In this method, you need to drink lots of water. This helps to lower the concentration of THC metabolites in your urine way below the detectable levels. The best thing about this method is that you can use it on the same day of the test, a couple of hours ago. For the dilution method to work, it is helpful to consume electrolyte, and B2 or B12 supplements. Electrolyte powder consists of sodium & magnesium that helps regulate the electrolytes level in your body & keeps them at an optimum level required. But, if you notice your urine becoming more excessively watery then consuming B-complex vitamins like B2 or B12 will help give yellow color to your urine. Using Someone Else’s Urine This is a very effective way to pass the drug urine test only if you are not being monitored while taking the test. You can sneak in the urine of a non-drug user, as generally no one else is allowed in the premises where you take the test. If you’re taking the test for a job then you won’t be monitored while peeing but, if you’re doing it in a prison then you will be monitored and this method won’t work. If you fall in the first category then congrats, you can easily pass the test. But the big questions you need to ask is how you can manage the urine’s temperature and how to hide it! Well, you can ask your “urine-donor” to fill up a squirty bottle for you. Then keep it in your pants, near your genitals so that it stays warm enough. The reason we ask you to use a squirty bottle so that you can easily manipulate the sound of urine when you empty it in the toilet. Fake It With Synthetic Urine Drug testing methods have evolved a lot and so have synthetic urines. You can easily find many synthetic urine products in the market. Select the best out of them based on the testimonials. Synthetic urine is chemically made that can not be distinguished from normal urine even after tests. So, using one for your urine drug test that is taking place within 24 hours is the best way! To Sum It Up Fooling a drug urine test in 24 hours is no herculean task but yes, it requires strict adherence to certain methods. You can also utilize home remedies or natural methods but they will not be as effective if you have only one day in hands. So, following the above methods will be helpful for you to pass the urine test in 24 hours easily.
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