What are the five places in which salvia tea is used?

  • November 30, 2020
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Salvia tea is prepared using parent hub Salvia divinorum, which is a herb from the mint family. This herb has its place of origin in Central and South America. Another popular name of this tea is sage tea. Some countries call this herb a ‘legal high’, because of the nerve relaxing and hallucinating effects one feels after its consumption. The tea has made its place in the alternative medicine and recreational drug category.

The main benefits of Salvia tea

Salvia tea is utilized mostly for health and recreational purposes. Consumers reveal that this tea takes just 5-10 minutes to kick in. People using salvia tea consume it mostly to get relief from stress, body pain, etc. However, its most significant roles are realized in the following ways:

Salvia Tea
  • Anti-oxidant and anti-diabetic

One of the significant components of Salvia tea is rosmarinic acid. This acid has anti-oxidant properties. It decreases blood sugar levels appreciably and so it is quite useful for the people who have found sugar just marginally high in their body. They can keep their sugar levels healthier by having salvia tea.

The second very important benefit of salvia tea is that it is an anti-carcinogenic. There are certain cancers like colonic cancer and cervical cancer which can be avoided with the use of this tea regularly. Its anti-carcinogenic nature is attributed to the presence of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant substance in its chemical composition.

  • Promotes healthy skin and cures cold sores

The salvia tea is found to have camphor and carnosol in its composition. These substances are known to prevent wrinkles. Use of Salvia tea can help you treat the skin problems arising in cold weathers, such as cold sores and wounds in any season.

Wound treating property makes it a good solution for curing oral sores too. People recommend gargling with salvia tea as the concoction of salvia tea is also used to prepare various herbal mouthwashes too.

  • An active promoter of women’s health

There are various women’s health issues that can be safely managed using Salvia tea. This tea is used to cure nausea and digestive system related problems that women encounter during the early days of pregnancy. Those women who feel discomfort due to overproduction of milk in their breasts can use Salvia tea to solve this problem. Also, they can find relief from hot flashes that they suffer from during menstruation by having this tea.

The only thing of concern is that sage tea contains thujone. This chemical proves to be toxic when consumed in large doses. So, it is advisable to read the label thoroughly for thujone content and conclude the sage amount of salvia tea before deciding its intake. Many tea compositions are made with Salvia not more than 4% in it. This amount does not pose any threat and allows you to have 2-3 cups of this tea in a day safely.

In which places Salvia tea is considered legal?

The legality of the use of Salvia tea is found questionable in various countries due to the hallucinating and addictive effects produced in this preparation. Wherever recreational drugs or the use of alternative medicine is considered illegal, Salvia tea use is prohibited.

Salvia is a psychoactive drug. But, it is the divinorum species of this herb that has intoxicating nature. It is found quite opioid-like in action and properties. Here are a few places where Salvia divinorum in tea form is considered legal purchase. You can buy it online here and also find it available at the drug and daily supplies stores in these places. Let’s take a look at these places.

  • Southern Mexico

In Southern Mexico, Salvia divinorum is considered a divine or spiritual drink. It is used as a part of spiritual ceremonies in this part of Mexico. The followers of Mazatec tradition consider it equal to psilocybin and use it in chewable or drinkable form especially while praying and other religious ceremonies.

  • United States

Salvia tea use is legal under Federal Law in the United States. This plant is excluded from the Controlled Substances Act of 1973. You may buy it hassle-free from the stores, but possessing, selling and processing of this plant is not considered legal. So, it lies in the grey legal area in this place.

Places in the United States where this plant is traded legally are:

  • Oregon
  • New York
  • Arizona
  • Nevada
  • Washington
  • South Carolina
  • New Mexico
  • New Hampshire
  • Idaho, and a few others.

Salvia tea is available in various forms such as dried herbs, Salvia plant, and Salvia extracts. The legality of its are questionable because of psychotropic nature and property of this plant. Before buying it in any form, it is advisable to know about the legalities pertaining to its possession and consumption in your place. If you are ordering it online and intend to use only for medicinal purposes, you must find about the laws pertaining to Salvia use especially.

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