Where can you store Poppy Seeds?

  • December 19, 2020
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The greatest happiness for any gardening expert is the ability to propagate and grow their own plants.  Poppy seeds have their exquisite aroma, freshness and healthy nutrients ranging from calcium and magnesium.

The magnesium in poppy seeds aids in brain activity regulation and also helps in neuron development. In addition, worthy quality poppy seeds promise treating insomnia and other sleep disorders. Cloning and propagation of the poppy seeds is easier if they are procured directly from the poppy growers. It then undergoes processing later getting packed in hygienic boxes. The natural aroma is retained, thanks to the safe and healthy storage, without any compromise on the health and quality of the seeds

Poppy Seeds

The reason for storing poppy seeds carefully is to maintain their iron and phosphorus content that aids in effective bone health. Another reason to store the poppy seeds carefully is because they contain rich contents of calcium required for the bone growth and rich percentage of magnesium that aids in adequate brain activity which aids in the neuron development.  Moreover, many patients who suffer from sleep related disorders could also be benefitted greatly.  Adequate and proper storage of poppy seeds helps in using them whenever required. Make sure to pack them air tight. Poppy is very good for stomach related issues and has also been very helpful for relieving tummy related issues like constipation.  Since it is a rich source of insoluble fibre, it helps in getting rid of bloating, acidity and also heartburn.

Growers of poppy or gardeners try and store the poppy seeds so that they could propagate their poppy plants. This is effected by careful splitting of plants so as to make new clones, collect the seeds, then germinate them so that they could grow into healthy plants.  Make sure to store the seeds carefully so that you are endowed with a lush growth year after year.

Effective and Effectual storage conditions

Irrespective of whether you collect these seeds from the plants or pods that have been ripened or readymade seeds from packets sold at garden stores, make sure to store them in the right atmospheric condition.  The seed packets purchased from the readymade garden stores make sure to provide the right packets so that they remain intact and fresh and does not lose out on the potency.

The airtight packets ensure that the seeds stay fresh and healthy for a long period of time without losing its efficacy and freshness. Generally, the readymade packet seeds are optimally packed so that the customers could use them and reuse them at their convenience. The air tight packets are conducive environment for their health.

Another important aspect that cannot be compromised on when preserving their health is prevention of moisture from entering the poppy packets. Make sure to keep it away from any fungal infection that may affect the seeds and it may lose its potency. This will detest the plants from remaining healthy.

Storing in a cool and dry place

Care needs to be exercised and these needs to be stored in dry and cool plant so that the mould does not take hold, initial germination is not effected and the seeds remain healthy for a longer period of time. This way you could grow new poppies year after year.


Last but not the least, if you wish to have a fantastic bloom throughout the year, make sure to take care of the poppy seeds, store them in dry and safe place.  The swollen pods of the poppy are generally full of seeds and these are ideal for collection when the wind blows.

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