Depression and Medical Marijuana

Depression can be a result of a hormonal change, or chemical imbalance, or can be situational—such as loss of spouse, job, pet, or physical/mental function. Because of the hormonal connection, depression is twice as likely to affect women then men. 18 million Americans are affected. It can range from mild to severe, temporary to chronic. It is the leading cause of disability in America costing just under 50 Billion dollars annually in health care and lost job productivity. Symptoms of depression include: Prolonged sadness. Bouts of crying Sleeplessness or excessive sleeping Loss of appetite or excessive overeating Sexual dysfunction The...
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Secure Your Grow Op

It's very exciting to grow your own first crop of dankity smoke, but many people get carried away and forget some common-sense precautions. There are several key areas you need to pay close attention to at all times. They are: Blabber Light Smell Exhaust Heat Sight Trash Utility usage Blabber Neglecting any one of these areas can get you busted, but blabber is the worst. If you tell one person, they tell 3 people and then the whole world knows you are growing within a day or two. Then it's only a matter of time before somebody's mom, a pissed-off...
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How To Buy Our Seeds

If you having problems making an order, it probably because we are sold out of everything. We cannot keep up with demand. We need help and we are hiring, please forward your resume using our "Contact Page". The waiting list to buy any product is at least 14 months, demand is just too strong. There is a major "GREEN RUSH" and seed banks are selling out fast. If you need seeds right away and can't wait for our products to come in stock, please order directly from Amsterdam, they will take good care of you and have 100% delivery guarantee,...
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Advanced Marijuana Seed Storage

Advanced Marijuana Seed Storage is Proper Marijuana Seed Storage Before storing your marijuana seeds, make sure your grew them with the proper amount of zinc in your soil or hydro set-up. If your soil is zinc deficient, the quality of your cannabis seeds will be adversely affected. Zinc is a co-factor in many enzyme reactions in the life of the seed. Introduction The biodiversity of the world's most ancient plants is now under serious threat. In the current climate the extremely valuable native landrace species of cannabis are in real threat of extinction and genetic dilution and should be preserved...
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Vancouver VANSTERDAM Tourist Information

Vancouver Tourist Information Although it is illegal, Vancouver police generally do not arrest people for possessing small amounts of marijuana and it has been nick named “Vansterdam”. Despite Canadian laws forbidding its non-medical use, some cities and local law enforcement have, at times, tolerated coffee shops which allow customers to smoke cannabis. In Vancouver, for example, the New Amsterdam and Blunt Brothers were cafes on West Hastings Street with such pro-cannabis policies. The two companies have been at the core of Vancouver's "Vansterdam" scene since the beginning. In 2004 Blunt Bros Cafe & Headshop, along with four other businesses were...
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