Tips For Choosing Smoking Cannabis To Get Supreme Pleasure

Tips for choosing smoking cannabis to get supreme pleasure
Cannabis – a psychoactive drug from cannabis plant used for medical or recreational purposes. Cannabis is consumed in many different ways which include vaporizer, edibles, cannabis tea, and smoking. However, smoking is the most common way of using cannabis. Cannabis is usually smoked in hand-rolled cigarettes, also known as joints. If you are a newbie to the smoking of marijuana, it can take a while before you know the right way to smoke marijuana for maximum pleasure. Many people have different and peculiar methods of smoking and enjoying weed; therefore, there is no general weed-smoking rule that everyone has to...
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How is Cannabis Useful For Mental Health?

How is Cannabis Useful for Mental Health
The prosperity of mental health is as vital as physical wellness. Sometime in the past mental wellness was very overlooked and not given much accentuation. In any case, there has been an adjustment in the scenario to improve things. With increasingly more researches around there, researchers presume that the dynamic element of therapeutic cannabis has a beneficial outcome on mental wellness. It is gotten from the cannabis sativa plants and has certain medicinal capacities. The deep-rooted misconceptions with respect to its utilization have blocked the image of cannabis. But, we need to realize that there are several benefits of cannabis...
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Hockey and Hemp

Hockey and Hemp
Hockey and Hemp. Canopy is teaming up with Neeka Health Canada to research whether CBD can help retired hockey players affected by concussion brain disorders. It is also working with the National Hockey League Players Association over 12 months to study the CBD effects on 100 ex-players. Hockey and Hemp The study is led by Neeka Health neurosurgeon Dr Amin Kassam. Dr Richard Rovin joins him and their expertise could lead to new therapies to treat pro players with brain injuries caused by concussion. Symptoms can be debilitating for these former pro athletes. These can manifest as progressive dementia from...
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Why Should You Opt for Marijuana Growing Instead Buying it?

Why Should You Opt for Marijuana Growing Instead Buying it
Marijuana or cannabis refers to the leaves, flowers, and stems from the Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica plant. The Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica are the two major types of cannabis plants. However, the sativa strain is demanded more than the indica strain. Also, the sativa strain is not as readily available as the indica strain, which makes people opt for hybrids (70% sativa and 30% indica) when they find it difficult to find marijuana that is pure sativa. The imbalance in the demands for these strains is due to the fact that each strain has its own range of...
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Martha Stewart joins Canopy Growth

Martha Stewart Joins Canopy Growth
Martha Stewart joins Canopy Growth. Lifestyle guru and friend of Snoop Dogg, 77-year-old Martha Stewart joins Canopy Growth. The world’s most valuable cannabis company is developing new product lines. They have turned to Stewart for advice to help them develop a strong lifestyle brand. Martha Stewart joins Canopy Growth She co-hosts a cooking show with well-known cannabis lover and rapper Snoop Dogg. New products will target people and their pets. Stewart is an animal lover and looks forward to developing cannabis products for this market. The announcement saw a surge in the Sequential Brands Group stock by as much as...
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