Bet You Do Not Even Know What Soil Is

  • October 9, 2016
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Soil is not dirt from your back yard. Back yard soil is not sterile, can and will most often kill your seeds and also contains pests, and weeds that will cause so many grow room problems. If you really on a tight budget, you can place your back yard top soil in a large baking pan and cook for 1.5 hours at 125 degrees to sterilize the soil and kill weeds and pests. Let it cool before plating and don’t burn yourself. Preferable, you have a few extra dollars and you can buy some good potting soil. I like Black Gold coco fiber mix. Add to this 20 to 30% perlite or you will not have good light soil once it compacts from watering. To this add 1-cup espoma garden tone plant mix. It will not over or under feed your plants. And this helps get you more female plants (read our article on how to get more females in our grow section) Once you have your sterilized soil, with 20-30% Perlite and 1 cup of Epsoma Garden tone plant mix, all you have to do is water. Then add 1/2 cup dolomite lime, it keeps the soil sweet and PH Balanced. Now, fill your planting pots half full of mixture. 3-gallon pots are just right for the full life of the plant. Grow for a minimum of 6 weeks at an 18-hour a day light cycle. That means your light stays lit for 18 hours and off for 6 hours. Use a light timer rated to your light wattage for safety. Make sure your electrical outlet can handle the wattage. Typically in a house, you will have multiple outlets on the same breaker. So if you are using a single 1000 Watt MH Light, you won’t want to share any other electrical lights, timers, pumps etc.. on the same circuit (outlet). If you don’t have the proper outlets for your needs, hire a professional electrician to make sure you can run your equipment safely with out causing a fire. Next you need to get an oscillating fan and always leave it on. Place it about 4 feet from your plants. You need to simulate wind to invigorate your plants and also, so they form solid stems that can hold the weight of your buds. You cannot have a grow room without fan(s)
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