Drones Surveillance of Outdoor Grow Operations

Drones Surveillance of Outdoor Grow Operations is currently underway in a large or small scale? We are not sure. Sometimes we hear that drones are needed for overseas missions and they are not being used yet for  domestic cannabis surveillance. But with the number of Drones currently in production, that might change in a couple years. Police helicopters are expensive and inefficient. But drones are low cost, no pilot on board to pay wages, less fuel and equipped with more sophisticated optical technology. United Stated Government Agency admits to using surveillance drones over US soil. If you are an outdoor producer of marijuana, you should be very concerned. The U.S. government agency acknowledges use by some local law enforcement authorities, (power to command exact obedience) the sharing of this information between agencies and that there may be a need to place legal restrictions on the use of drones to protect the privacy of American citizens. Outdoor marijuana growers are wondering if such use of drones is constitutional? It seems that the only way to be sure you’re safe from prying eyes, is to move your operation 100% indoors.

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