Environmental-Friendly Way to Grow Cannabis Plant

Growing cannabis indoors has benefits but at the same time has certain limitations such as mass production of cannabis indoor is not sustainable and one has to compromise on the quality also. For environmental friendly way to grow Cannabis plant one can switch to Greenhouse method, as the plant will grow under controlled environmental conditions without getting affected by wind, rain, pest and dust same as indoor plants.


However, there is no problem in growing plants indoors, but pot plants cost high due to the lighting and air conditioning arrangement. And the mass-production of cannabis indoors is not sustainable also. Whereas, if you will allow enough supplemental lighting such as LED’s and light deprivation techniques to your greenhouse cannabis, it will eventually lead to increased harvests.


For an exponential cannabis growth the best is to avoid using any synthetic bottled nutrients for your plants or else you can choose “veganic” methods. Also, it is crucial that you don’t use allegedly-natural products like bone meal, liquid fish, blood meal, and any other by-products of the meat industry. As, they are harmful.


Water and its quantity for cannabis plant also play an important role while producing cannabis via eco-friendly way. You can use a mulch (like hay), around your planting beds, it will reduce water waste which happens due to evaporation, thereby allowing you to water your cannabis less frequently. It will avoid any kind of water wastage. Rainwater harvesting of cannabis plant is another way to save a lot of water and impact the environment positively.


Also, if you will bury your drip-emitting system a few inches below soil level, it will allow your plants to use more nutrient solution provided to them.


For growing cannabis use a healthy and safe medium such as coco coir, it is made from renewable husks as a by-product of the coconut industry. Additionally, coco coir is inert, able to retain water and allows plenty of oxygen to reach the roots of the plants. Whereas, Rockwool is dangerous for the environment.


You don’t always have to use harmful pesticides for controlling pests and bugs. In fact, there are carnivorous nemesis already to control your pest problems.


Compost tea is a great foliar feed to your cannabis pot plants. You can use an oxygenated compost tea as a foliar feed and soil drench for your pot plants. All you have to do is to start composting your yard waste and food scraps in a bin. Keep the compost in a bucket of water use all old stocking, use a pillowcase or tea towel to oxygenate the tea for 24 hours, get an air-pump and air stones from an aquarium supply shop they will help you fully activate the beneficial bacteria and microbes. These nutrients will feed your plants and prevent them from pests and disease.


Also, it is good to grow companion plants with your cannabis plants. If you grow some beneficial plants with your cannabis plants, it will provide numerous benefits to your cannabis plants. For an instance growing beans and clover among cannabis plants will not fix nitrogen, but also work as indicators in case of any danger to your plants. Moreover, these companion plants will attract mites and other pests before they harm your cannabis. There are many companion plants such as marigolds, basil, rosemary, chili peppers etc., they prevent your cannabis from bugs, slugs etc.

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