Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About the Effects of Marijuana

  • October 9, 2016
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The popularity of Marijuana edibles is mounting with each passing day especially in US their demand is increasing. A great range of products is found floating in the market like sweets, candy, brownies, gummy bears and cookies. The main concept which is getting popular these days is that eating marijuana is safe because till now no deaths have been reported, but yes you cannot overlook the reports where marijuana edibles were consumed by children and this resulted into adverse outcomes.


Marijuana cookies are extremely popular as people find them very interesting and tasty, but the main question is that what about the safety and health of consumers? Many studies conducted in this regard point towards the fact that whenever you are thinking about consuming products containing marijuana, it’s important to adopt a careful approach and investigate about the products especially cookies. Many incidents have been reported where people suffered from problems after consuming marijuana cookies. Let’s put a look at some of the incidents which took place. • Two kids consumed marijuana cookies accidentally and underwent the sleeping effects. In the end their condition became stable, but the situation was very scary for their parents. • There was a 40 years old lady who was acting as a babysitter and she found some cookies while searching the freezer. She took them and unfortunately she had no previous experience with marijuana. So the experience turned out to be a very disturbing one for her. These incidents highlight the fact that we are in utmost need of educating people about the effects of marijuana cookies and other edibles so that people who consume them consciously or accidentally should become considerate because handling the after effects is something which is very important. Actually the main point to highlight here is that cookies are safer than smoking and in this conception they consume marijuana in amounts which appear fatal. Generally when they first consume the cookies no effects appear and this urges them to take more this leads to intoxication. There are many stories where you will hear about overdose of marijuana with scary results and it’s really important to control all these incidents.

Need of imposing laws

In Colorado lawmakers are facing serious problems in relation to edible marijuana. Lawmakers legalized pot in the year 2012, but now they have showed no hesitation in highlighting the limits of marijuana contained in different types of food products. This step has been taken considering a number of deadly situations which arose and gained much hype from the media. It was reported that a 19 year old man jumped from Denver hotel. The investigations, which were conducted later, highlighted the fact that this young man consumed six times more amount of marijuana via cookies than the recommended dose. Many incidents of similar nature were noted where people lost control and damaged not only their selves, but also friends and family. Supporters of marijuana argue that a great difference is present between eating and smoking marijuana. The effects of smoking marijuana appear within minutes because THC gets absorbed into lungs, but for absorption via stomach hours are required and this makes controlling the dose difficult. This is where the whole problem starts when immediate effects don’t appear the consumer is encouraged and this compels him to consume more which leads into trouble. This can lead to over dose bringing brutal outcomes because the consumer fails to understand what is happening with him.


All this points towards the fact that people need to be educated about the safe use and associated risks in a proper manner and laws should be enforced this is the only way of controlling the outcomes.
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