How to Finish Flowering Cannabis

You will use this same 12-hour light cycle from now on until you harvest. No messy chemicals to mix, just add water and watch the plants grow until their ready for harvest. Now if you have followed these simple directions you’re ready to remove the outer leafs, the big fan leaves that have little or no THC glands. The shiny white sticky stuff that should be coating the buds or flower clusters and any inner leafs. Any leafs not coated should be removed. Some time’s you cut half the leaf, removing the green outer part with scissors, leaving the other half of the leaf that has THC Glands left behind, as you will want to smoke this part once it’s dried. Cut your branches at the base of stalk. Hang in a dark dry area with a small fan for air circulation to prevent mold from starting. Don’t place the fan directly at the plants or they will dry out too quickly and ruin the flavor of the smoke. A line should be strung 4 feet above the fan, set to it’s lowest speed setting. You can use paper clips, unfolded half way to hang your branches. When the bare stem snaps when you bend it, it’s dry and ready to smoke.

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