Growing Marijuana: Indoors Vs Outdoors Explained

  • May 20, 2022
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Growing Marijuana: Indoors VS Outdoors

Marijuana is one of the oldest crops in the world. For millennia, growing marijuana in its natural outdoor environment was not possible without being persecuted. However, new laws have ensured that the marijuana production method is significantly changed. Now, the plant can be grown indoors or outdoors.

Growing Marijuana Outdoors

The marijuana plant cultivated outdoors is influenced by natural environmental conditions. Many marijuana consumers prefer to use the one grown under the full spectrum of natural sunlight. The special spectrum help creates a greater variance of terpenes and cannabinoids than artificial lighting.

Although outdoor marijuana has been done for years, it is also important that you know how the process works before putting a seed in the ground. This way, you will be able to make the best of natural elements to ensure maximum yields. You should also be aware of ways to tackle unwanted guests like weeds and pests.

Growing Marijuana Indoors

Growing Marijuana IndoorsYou do not need a great deal of knowledge or a massive green thumb before you can grow marijuana indoors. Many people see growing marijuana indoors as a hobby, even if it comes with its challenges as well.

Just like the outdoor growing of this plant, you must understand each process before going ahead to plant a seed. This is to ensure that the product comes out in the best possible shape.

Growing Marijuana Indoors Vs Outdoors

Marijuana can legally be cultivated in some states. Depending on your motivation to grow the plant, you can choose to either have it indoors or outdoors. However, you must know that there is a difference between an indoor grow and an outdoor grow. Below are important factors to help you make an informed decision before growing your marijuana:

1. Price

The cost of growing marijuana indoors varies from outdoors. Here is a breakdown of the cost.

Indoor growing

Growing marijuana indoors is far more expensive, there is no question about it. This is because of the list of material that is required. To operate an indoor climate control system is very expensive, with the cost running up to thousands of dollars. You also have to go through a continual turnover when you grow marijuana indoors. Some tasks involved in this type of cultivation are watering, trellising, feeding, pruning, and harvesting.

Furthermore, you will have to pay more for nutrients if you choose a non-soil-growing medium. There is also the cost of growing equipment like ventilation systems, lighting equipment, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, and many more.

Outdoor growing

It is during the startup of the growing operation that you have to spend most when growing marijuana outdoors. You do not have to worry about the cost of ventilation and lighting system, assuming the climate is ideal in your area. You do not also have to pay for nutrients if you have access to fertile soil. However, you will need to have access to a large piece of land for this. Additionally, it is great news if you already own land that is hidden from the public eyes.

Otherwise, you will have to rent and pay an owner who has no problem with having marijuana planted on their property. Also, you will have to hire a couple of employees if you have a large operation. There is also the need for you to invest in security measures to protect your plant.

2. Quality

The quality of cannabis also differs between being grown indoors and outdoors. Below are more details.

Indoor growing

quality of indoor marijunaTechnological advances have ensured that the quality of marijuana grown indoors is improved exponentially. You can also achieve the best result because of the indoor optimal condition you can create. Additionally, indoor marijuana does not face issues encountered by its counterparts, including rain and wind.

Therefore, its buds are expected to remain close to perfect through the growing process. It only starts to degrade after harvesting. It is also easy to harvest at peak conditions because you are only dealing with a few plants. The same is true when curing and drying a small crop.

Outdoor growing

The natural environment greatly influences the growth of outdoor marijuana plants. As a result, their appearance may be less perfect than indoor-grown marijuana. However, they should have a superior scent and flavor profile when grown in nutrient-rich soil outdoors.

However, growers of outdoor marijuana still worry about being persecuted by federal law enforcement. Growers take an enormous risk even in states where it is legal to grow marijuana outdoors. As a consequence, outdoor marijuana is often harvested at the wrong time due to the fear of being caught. At the same time, drying and curing are close to non-existent.

3. Pros

One significant benefit of growing marijuana indoors is that cultivators can control conditions like humidity and temperature. Outdoor growing also gets help from natural sources. Below are the pros of each growing method.

Indoor growing

  • Can grow all-year-round
  • Ability to control environmental elements to ensure it has high THC percentages
  • Ability to trigger flowering
  • Little or no pest issues
  • Full environment control

Outdoor growing

  • Space is easier to allocate and grow the plant
  • Larger plants with more yield
  • Extremely cheap to start

4. Cons

You can have aesthetically beautiful flowers with high percentages of THC when you grow your plant indoors. However, the lighting systems outdoors cannot match the sun’s power. For outdoor growing, extreme weather conditions can cause havoc. Below are some cons of each growing method:

Indoor growing

  • High setting up and running cost

Outdoor growing

  • One harvest per year
  • Likelihood of mildew
  • Pests and natural elements


There is not much about the best method between indoor and outdoor methods of growing marijuana. Both have the opportunity to give you flowers of high quality. However, indoor growing is recommended for new growers with a budget. Additionally, there will be no issue with mildew and pests when growing marijuana indoors.

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