How Cannabis Plants Change in The Summer

  • June 20, 2022
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There are unique challenges associated with growing the cannabis plant in the summer. This is because it grows well within a particular humidity and temperature range. Plenty of wind, sun, and even rain is good for the cannabis plant. Nevertheless, the cannabis plant can still thrive in summer.

How Cannabis Plants Change in The Summer

As the summertime comes in, the weather gets warmer, and the days get longer. It is a good time for growers to prepare their gardens for the upcoming season. Space cultivation and soil building, among other things, are what many folks will be doing. Spring is a time to grow cannabis. Below is how to set up your garden and how the cannabis plant changes when cultivated in the summer.

1.The grow spaces

Where to grow your cannabis during summer is a great question to ask yourself. There are a few things to consider when you are growing your plant outside. The amount of sunlight your grow space gets is the most important thing to consider. The cannabis plant thrives from the amount of sunlight it receives. It bends and stretches with the shifting of the sun. Pick a spot with plenty of direct sunlight when picking your grow space. If possible, go for a space that gets sunlight all through the day. It is also important that you choose a place secluded from other people. This is to avoid theft. A greenhouse or fenced backyard are good options when growing your plant in the summer. You should also consider the space’s closeness to a source of water. This should not be a problem if you are growing by your house or in your backyard. However, you must consider how to get water if you are cultivating the plant elsewhere.

2.What you should grow

A fun part of growing cannabis in the summer is choosing the cannabis varietals for the season. There are a few things to consider when choosing what to grow. To begin with, you must decide whether to grow from clone or seed. You must choose what type of seed to start with if you are going to grow from seed. Typically, there are three types of cannabis seeds – regular, auto-flowering, and feminize seeds. The cannabis plant vegs and flowers in different light cycles. 12/12 for late summer and early fall, and 18/16 for spring and early summer. This growth trait is not in auto-flowering seeds. The auto-flowering plant only flowers on reaching a certain size. They require less maintenance than the regular cannabis plant, and their growth cycle is shorter. Either regular or feminized seeds are not for you if you want a personalized and unique phenotype of strains. Both types of seeds have similar growth patterns and growth cycles.

3.Growing containers and mediums

You still have to decide what you will grow your cannabis plant in after picking your cultivation space and knowing what to grow. There are few options to select from, with each having specific characteristics. For containers, you have to choose between cloth or plastic pots. They also come in various sizes, so you would have to decide on this too. It comes down to preference when picking between cloth or plastic containers. Cloth pots help create an environment for the plant’s roots to prune themselves. This makes for a denser, stronger root ball. Many growers find plastic pots problematic as it creates a root system that circles inside the container. The medium of cultivation is another choice you will have to make when growing in the summer. There is soil and there is coco, among other mediums. Soil holds water better than cocoa, but coco tends to dry quicker. Therefore, you will have to water and feed your plant frequently when growing in coco.

4.What to feed your cannabis plantWhat-to-feed-your-cannabis-plant

The cannabis plant needs nutrients in the summer as well as in other seasons. It can only reach its full potential only if it gets the proper amount of nutrients. The types of nutrients required by the cannabis plant are in three categories – macronutrients, secondary nutrients, and micronutrients. These nutrients are essential to the health of your plant. You should also be aware that you can overfeed your plant. The amount of nutrients your plant receives should be in adequate proportions. Try minimizing the amount of nutrients you are giving your plant if you see major leaf discoloration or burnt leaves. When feeding your plant, start with a small amount of nutrients and work your way up.

5.When to harvest your plant

When growing the cannabis plant in the summer, it grows strong and big in the vegetative stage. This means it is preparing for flowering. The plant starts to grow its large buds in the flowering stage. Your plant will begin to flower somewhere around mid-August and early September when growing in the summer, in some states. It will fully mature between its flowering cycle in weeks 8 to 9.

6.Harvesting your cannabis plant in the summer

Harvesting-your-cannabis-plantIt is time to harvest your cannabis plant once it has reached maturity. This should be around mid-October in some states. You should also keep an eye out for the weather during this period. The first frost can kill your cannabis plant, and you may want to avoid it. Begin shucking off the fan leaves when harvesting the cannabis plant. Cut down the whole plant once you have removed the fan leaves. Hang it upside down to dry. Allow your cannabis flower to slowly dry in the course of 10 to 14 days. This will help develop and preserve the cannabis flavor.


There are many variables to growing the cannabis plant in different seasons. Among these are the environmental conditions, type of seed, and medium of cultivation. As a grower, you must understand and learn about the change that will happen to your plant in the summer. This will ensure that you grow a healthy plant with maximum yield.

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  1. I 100% agree about the micro-nutrients. So many people don’t focus on using good water with all the natural goodness cannabis needs to thrive to perfection. Please stop using city water and grow using a more natural source with micro nutrients.


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