Hockey and Hemp

Hockey and Hemp
Hockey and Hemp. Canopy is teaming up with Neeka Health Canada to research whether CBD can help retired hockey players affected by concussion brain disorders. It is also working with the National Hockey League Players Association over 12 months to study the CBD effects on 100 ex-players.

Hockey and Hemp

The study is led by Neeka Health neurosurgeon Dr Amin Kassam. Dr Richard Rovin joins him and their expertise could lead to new therapies to treat pro players with brain injuries caused by concussion. Symptoms can be debilitating for these former pro athletes. These can manifest as progressive dementia from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, and post-traumatic stress disorders and depression which limits their ability to have fulfilling lives. The study could lead to breakthrough therapies based on rigorous science.   Hockey and Hemp  

Hockey and hemp research will have global reach

Hockey and Hemp research results will be valuable to everyday Canadians who play hockey recreationally, professional or on their local frozen pond every winter. And it’s not just Canadians, hockey players worldwide could gain helpful information when it comes to brain injuries.  

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