How to Roll a Firm Joint

  • September 20, 2021
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Best Way to Roll a Joint

A joint is one of the most popular ways to smoke herbs. It’s also relatively easy to make. With a rolling paper and some weed, you’re good to go.

But if done incorrectly, expect a poor smoking experience. Follow these steps below to learn how to roll a firm joint that will burn evenly and give you and your friends a remarkable smoke session!

Essential materials you’ll need to roll a firm joint
  • Your top quality weed
  • Grinder
  • Rolling papers
  • Rolling tray
  • Crutch or filter
  • Pen, chopstick, or related items

Let’s go straight up to the simple steps

Grind Your Herbs

Use your grinder to break your flower into smaller particles until you notice consistency in size. How well you handle this process determines how good your roll turns out. However, while a well-ground weed does a lot to your smoking experience, know when to stop – an overground weed may ruin your roll and, in turn, your entire experience.

Make your filter

Filters help create a base for a firmer roll and serves as a mouthpiece for better draws. It also prevents your fingers and lips from burns during smoking.

In smoke shops, pre-made crutches are available in wooden, glass, and paper options. If you forgot to get a pre-made filter from the smoke shop, you could make one.

To make a filter, simply get a thick paper (a business card will do) and make out about half-an-inch-wide rectangle-shape. Fold the paper to create an accordion shape.

Load your buds

Lay your rolling paper on your palm or a tray. Ensure the adhesive part is away from you, face up.

Place your filter where you desire the mouthpiece to be and carefully line your weed horizontally along the middle of the paper. Be moderate with the weed amount you use. Too little or an overstuffed amount can ruin it.

In a cone shape, ensure the mouthpiece axis has less weed, and the tip gets more.

Let’s roll up

Here’s the most exciting, yet, the tricky part. Remember to keep the adhesive side of your rolling paper away from you.

With your index finger and thumb, gently pinch the paper to get a taco shape.

Gently sift the paper in a back and forth motion; this helps achieve a well-distributed roll. Some weed may fall out during this. No worries, you can pick them in after.

Try to roll your buds to achieve a cylinder shape.

Note that too loose and too tight a roll will cause an uneven burn or restricted flow.

Now, tuck in the weed from the non-adhesive part of your paper and roll slowly and carefully to meet up with the adhesive part, tucking in the weed as you move.

With a firm not-too-tight hold, lick the sticky part of the rolling paper until wet. From the filter base, seal the joint.

When sealed, hit the filter end against a hard surface to beat down the herbs or use a pen or chopstick to pack down the weed toward the filter. You can now add in that weed that fell off during the sifting phase.

Hold the empty tip of your rolling paper and twist to seal in everything.

Now you’re ready to smoke! Get your lighter, spark up the twisted end and puff away through the mouthpiece.

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