How to take cannabis extracts sublingually

  • October 9, 2016
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There are many different methods for taking cannabis extracts. One of the most effective methods is to take it sublingually. You simply place your hash, cannabis oil, or other extract of choice under your tongue and let it sit there for as long as you can stand it; then you swallow it. How does it work? The space under your tongue is home to many blood vessels which are extremely close to the surface. Chemical compounds are easily transferred straight to the bloodstream here. This means that the medicinal and/or psychoactive compounds that are present in any form of cannabis extract will, when you put it under your tongue, go straight into your blood stream and start taking effect immediately. Taking cannabis extracts sublingually is completely different from ingesting them. When you eat something that has cannabis in it, or that has cannabis extracts in it, you are sending it through your digestive system. It takes quite a bit longer for you to feel the effect of it – up to half an hour. In addition, you will not gain 100% of the effects simply because the acids in your stomach break down the cannabis you ingest to a certain extent. Therefore you won’t get full effectiveness. At the same time, ingesting cannabis also means you get the benefit for longer, as your body will be absorbing the compounds for as long as it is in your GI tract. Benefits of taking cannabis extract sublingually The biggest benefit of taking cannabis extract sublingually is that it starts to take effect immediately. There are other benefits as well, including: • Safety (no toxic compounds from smoke) • Discretion (nobody can tell you are using cannabis) • Effectiveness/efficiency In fact, many doctors who prescribe cannabis are beginning to recommend that their patients take it sublingually in order to maximize effectiveness and minimize side effects. Types of cannabis extract you can take sublingually You can take any kind of cannabis extract sublingually, though the higher quality it is the better results you will have. To get the psychoactive effects of THC, the extract you choose must have been decarboxylated, which simply means the THC compound must have been created by exposing the cannabis to heat. Thus if you use a cannabis extract sublingually that was not created using heat, you will get the benefit of CBD but not the effect of THC.
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