How You Use Different Cannabis Strains For Your Chemo and Radiation

  • October 9, 2016
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I am here to help with some input about Chemo I thought I would do a story about how I used the different strains in my chemo and radiation. The medical world pretty much gives you 3 treatment options to treat cancer

1. Radiation

The first treatment you think will be a piece of cake. Then, later on, the toll on your body starts from all that radiation you just absorbed. The worst side effects were totally eliminated with good Indica, like Indica 50 or Master Kush. I would smoke half a doobie before treatment and finish the other half, after treatment. This way, I could make it home without being sick. The major side effects are nausea, muscle weakness, and major pain from the direct area(s) on your body being treated. The two most deadly symptoms are nausea and loss of appetite. The nausea was eliminated and my hunger would become apparent after smoking a good 50/50 cross like Sour Diesel, White Widow, Oracle and Elephant Bud. It amazed me after trying promethazine with no relief, my doctor added lorazepam to that still no good, that in combination with morphine knocked me on my butt, but I was still not getting any relief from pharmaceuticals. Thank the lord and the stars up above because without marijuana I would not be able to write. I would have quit radiation and chemo. It would not have stopped my cancer. My doctor had been reluctant to fill out a medical marijuana permit, once I told him it was all that got me through the misery of treatment he filled out his first permit and now offers the option to other patients who want it if he can not control the symptoms of my treatment. Bless his heart for putting us first and screw these crazy laws we have on the books.

2. Chemo

Oh man, that is pure hell. They pump you full of poison and hope it arrests the cancer before it kills you. Again marijuana was the only thing that let me feel hungry. I found with chemo a more lopsided Indica mix was best for me and the treatment I was receiving. You get some relief from sativa but you feel so nervous and out of sorts, it made me uncomfortable with out a Indica dominate cross like Elephant Purple Bud, Hash Plant Jedi 41, and Orange. During chemo, I found myself smoking from the time I woke up, till the time I went to bed. It just never seems to let up and give you a moment of peace. Unlike the radiation, intraferon is an every other-day injection, and without pot I would not have made it through treatment. And even with marijuana I barely did. I lost 75 lbs and without my hunger stimulation I would have starved. You are so fortunate if you learn about this wonderful drug before you have to go through treatment.

3. Surgery

The final choice, if it’s feasible is surgery, but most cancers are found to late for this to be to be the only treatment. If that was all they had to do to me I would not have ever realized the use of marijuana was only, I repeat the only thing that would let me complete my treatment. I had used marijuana for a back injury so I could stop or greatly reduce my muscle spasm and sleep through the night. I know it does not work for all that ails the human body, but they are finding more about the wonderful properties hidden within its many compounds. A cure for some cancers, a cure for depression and a possible cure for type 2 diabetes and glaucoma are only a few of the uses they have found to date. Please do not limit my medical access, I hurt no one, I respect you. Please respect me and we can stop this silly war against a plant that makes better cloth, better paper, and god knows better medicine than any pill they could give me in my battle for life. God bless you and I pray you find wisdom and tolerance in life for all that is part of god’s greater plan. He has provided for the sick thru his pure wisdom and his love for us all. Like it or not, most medicine is found in plant compounds and marijuana is the most misunderstood of all the medicinal plants. Do not be afraid of it, it has been used for thousands of years, and no one has been able to prove that it is harmful. It’s Helpful to many of us.
Mr. BC Seeds
Mr. BC Seeds is an over educated old school hippy who has been involved in the cannabis industry since the 1970's. He is one of the most experienced marijuana breeders in Canada if not the entire world. He was the first to use the most advanced breeding techniques in 2008 to create 42 of the world's strongest cannabis strains. He has been writing in-depth articles about cannabis in Canada for decades and looks forward to continue bringing you cutting edge cannabis strains for the decades to come. Mr. BC Seeds uses a "pen name" because he still travels the world collecting cannabis strains and continues researching cannabis in laboratories of non-legalized countries.
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