Ontario receives complaints because lack of weed

Ontario receives complaints because lack of weed

Ontario receives complaints because lack of weed

Cannabis is only sold online in Ontario until it can get its physical retail outlets put in place. Since cannabis became legal, there have been more than 1000 complaints made to the ombudsman. These include issues with delivery and billing, and bad customer service. Ontario’s finance minister Vic Fedeli said it was getting back on track to a one to three-day delivery timeframe.

Cannabis flew out the door

Cannabis flew out the door the day it became legal with consumers embracing the changes. Here are sales figures from some Canadian provinces on the first day: • Alberta. In Alberta there were around 8300 sales making $730,000. • Nov Scotia. There were 12,180 sales processed with a total in $660,000 with around $47,000 of that coming from online. • British Columbia. British Columbia made 9980 sales online and in their one retail store. These sales amounted to a rough estimate of $41,000 at $4.20 for a pre-rolled joint. • Prince Edward Island. Cannabis sales on Prince Edward Island totalled $152, 408 with $131,434 from in their stores and $20,974 online. • Quebec. Quebec’s Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) processed around 42,00 orders, 30,000 online and 12,000 in stores. This amounts to around to $220,500 at $5.25 at gram.

Very High Cannabis Sales in Canada

These are phenomenal figures for the first day of legal cannabis trading, but there have been shortages since. This is a good sign for the new Canadian cannabis industry. Things will settle down as supply becomes more consistent and meets consumer demand.   Ontario receives complaints because lack of weed   Let us know your experience buying legal cannabis in Canada by leaving your comments below.
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  1. Hey. I enjoyed the read on the problem of supply. I see that your site is active, and added to currently. I am wondering how to get in touch with you guys directly. I have been unable to find any retailer in Amsterdam as suggested to buy your genetics. I am an experienced medical grower and seeking the very best medicine to work with and utilize. I reached out through your contact us, but haven’t heard back. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    Chris, Stony Plain AB

    • Our stock levels have huge back orders, we cannot currently keep up with this insane increase in demand. You may be directed to Amsterdam when we have no stock, they will take good care of you.


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