PMS Relief Microdosing Cannabis

  • March 22, 2018
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PMS Relief Microdosing Cannabis

PMS Relief Microdosing Cannabis

Find PMS Relief Microdosing Cannabis. Across the world women spend a few days each month in excruciating pain from PMS. They live in misery. Mood swings, headaches and days of pure misery is what many women have to put up with every month. Microdosing with cannabis edibles relieves the physical and emotional symptoms of PMS.

Microdose Cannabis To Reduce Cramps

Microdose cannabis to reduce cramps cheaper than prescribed medication. Irish born 19th Century doctor William B O’Shaughnessy first used cannabis for menstrual cramps in the 1900s while working in India. He was also known for introducing its use into western US medicine.

Women Say It Works

Although there is no scientific research into its effects on menstrual cramps, anecdotal evidence from women says it works. Even Whoopi Goldberg says it has positive results. She is working with Maya Elisabeth to create a new company and products primarily for relieving PMS cramps and other discomfort associated with the PMS. The edibles include:
  • raw drinking chocolate infused with either a CBD or THC tincture
  • bath soak containing THC
  • topical rub with THC for localized pain
  • tincture containing THC to relieve PMS discomfort.

Cannabis Relieves Breast Pain

An increase in progesterone production days before the onset of PMS can cause tender breasts. This is so uncomfortable for some women they cannot wear a bra or take to their bed unable to continue on in their daily lives for a few days. With its anti-inflammatory effects, 11th Century European women used a rub of lamb’s fat infused with cannabis to relieve the pain.

Soothing Gastrointestinal Issues

Certain chemicals release during PMS that cause contraction of the intestines and uterus. This causes discomfort, diarrhea, constipation and pain during the first three days of PMS due to fluctuating hormones. Research shows cannabis edibles can help relieve these symptoms for PMS, and can also help with IBS and Crohn’s Disease.

Cannabis Treats Headache Pain

The drop in estrogen levels can also cause debilitating headaches and migraines in the week leading up to menstruation. Cannabis is well known for its treatment of pain A 2016 study reports that 85% of 121 women surveyed said using marijuana edibles reduces the frequency of migraine. Further, 12% said that using cannabis when they felt a headache starting helped to stop it entirely.

Marijuana Helps You Sleep

A poll by the National Sleep Foundation found that 67% of women who menstruate have trouble sleeping for up to three days every cycle. Getting a good night’s sleep not only allows you to function properly, but studies prove getting less than 5 hours sleep can lead to the following health issues:
  • obesity
  • cancer
  • high blood pressure
  • stroke
  • heart disease
  • increased risk of death.
Microdosing with cannabis edibles can help women sleep during menstruation. Several studies on the effects of cannabis can help people sleep. Cannabis can be the answer to insomnia.

Cannabis Helps Stabilize Your Mood

Stop feeling irritable when your menstrual cycle arrives. It’s the time of the month when everything used to get to you. Now that your micodose cannabis you have no problems. Your stress levels stop rising through the roof. You stop blaming your hormones because cannabis relieves everything. Women go through roller coaster cycles monthly. Mood swings become a big problem every month unless you micro dose with cannabis.

Stabilize You Mood

Marijuana is known for its mood stabilizing properties and research shows THC has a positive effect on your moods. While cannabis may not work this way for everyone, microdosing with edibles can be a big help.

Find PMS Relief Microdosing Cannabis

There is little research around cannabis and its effects on PMS, but it helps alleviate the symptoms of some women. Everyone should have free choice to choose what works best for them. PMS Relief Microdosing Cannabis    
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