Short Medium and Long Term Storage of Marijuana

how to store marijuana
Use a freezer, and make sure your marijuana is as air tight as possible, you don’t want any moisture from the air left inside the container, so make sure you don’t leave much air in your container. DO NOT take your bud out of the freezer and let it warm up to room temperature. This allows your marijuana to release it’s own moisture from within it’s leaves and cause storage problems. Left untouched in a deep freeze (-18 Celcius), you can store you bud for over a year. If you’re going to be accessing your storage container often, store it in the fridge instead of the freezer. The freezer is only for long term, undisturbed storage. If you’re storing for longer, as in 2 years or longer you can invest in a super deep freezer. They are sold for commercial use and usually freeze from -40 to -75 Celcius. You can store your marijuana for 7 years or longer in these. Short, medium and long term storage of marijuana tips for all you pot heads out there.

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