When Is The Best Time Of The Year To Grow Cannabis In Your Yard?

when to grow cannabis in your yard

Cannabis products are being used for recreation and medical purposes. People in states where growing cannabis is legal are becoming more interested in growing their plants. Others, like enthusiasts, just want to make the process a hobby. Regardless of your motivation, you must choose to grow cannabis outdoor in weed season to get a bountiful harvest.

What Is Weed Season?

What Is Weed Season

Weed or cannabis season is an affectionate term used to describe the best time to grow cannabis in your yard. This season cuts through the spring, summer, and winter. Cannabis growing season can begin as early as April in the Northern Hemisphere. It is at this time that cultivators begin seedlings indoors.

Typically, the cannabis plant flower in the late summer season through fall. In the warmer climates, this can run as late as mid-November. It takes a long and luxurious time for cultivars to mature their buds in warmer climates.

Why Grow and Harvest Cannabis At A Time Of The Year

Just like every other gardener and farmer, cannabis gardeners and farmers get their plants into the ground immediately after the days are long and the weather is warm enough. This varies from one region to the other. The main goal is to time your planting for maximum growth before fall and maximum light in the summer, regardless of where you are growing.

To start flowering, photoperiod cannabis plants are stimulated by the number of uninterrupted hours of darkness they get. The plant will be triggered to the flowering stage once fall sets in because there are usually 12 hours of darkness per night during this period.

Some cannabis plants are insensitive to light. Called auto flower varieties, these plants will flower automatically regardless of how much light they get. However, the life cycle of these plants tends to be shorter. Harvesting happens by mid to late fall before the cold weather and when only when the flowers of the plant have fattened up.

The Best Time of the Year to Grow Cannabis in Your Yard

grow cannabis outdoor

Growing cannabis in your yard means it must be done outdoors. As a result, you must understand the development and stages of growth of the plant at different times of the year. This is where you can understand the importance of timing because the season affects the development of your cannabis plant.

1. Early spring: germination stage

Germination is the first stage of your cannabis plant if you are growing from seed. The seed will quickly grow two little leaves once it has sprouted. The leaves are known as cotyledon leaves and are responsible for delivering energy to the seedling. This delivery of energy continues until the seeding begins to grow the cannabis leave we are familiar with.

The timing for this as a general rule of thumb should be in or around the Spring Equinox. If you are buying clones instead of growing from seed, you do not have to worry about the germination stage.

2. Spring to early summer: seedling stage

Your cannabis seedlings are baby plants. The seedling stage is a sensitive and delicate stage of the life of your plant, whether you bought a clone or the seed is sprouted. Cultivators in cooler climates mostly choose to start planting indoors to keep them warm and safe. Thereafter, the plant will be moved outdoors once it is strong enough to withstand the environment outside. Many growers in warm climates also like to start their plants indoors during this season as well. This is to ensure that the plant gets a leg up as seedlings are susceptible to mold, disease, and pests.

3. Summer to early fall: vegetative stage

The cannabis plant’s growth takes off in the vegetative stage. It will grow more foliage for several weeks, becoming as tall as possible. During this season and stage, cultivators might think of topping and training their plants. This is to promote outward growth. Moreover, this allows the plant to get an even distribution of sunlight to the leaves.

The plant develops large roots during this period, so more water will be needed. Providing the plant with additional nutrients like nitrogen is also beneficial as the plant matures. Additionally, you should get rid of the male plant at this stage if you are not working exclusively with female plants. This is to avoid the female plant from being pollinated and your harvest wrecked.

4. Fall: flowering stage

The flowering stage of your female cannabis plant should happen in the fall. This is because more energy will be channeled into producing flowers at this stage of life of the female cannabis plant. There are three phases to the flowering stage:

  • Flower initiation: The development of white, hairy pistils will be more visible here. It will give you a hint of the buds to come. The growth of the plant will continue but will begin to slow down.
  • Mid-flowering: The buds will begin to take shape in this phase. The plant will stop growing at this point.
  • Ripening or late-flowering: The flower becomes fattened, and sticky, with trichomes covering it. You can start thinking about harvest once the pistils change from white to brown.

5. Mid-to-late fall: harvest season

The work is not complete if you have not harvested the plant. Just like the other stages at a specific time of the year, you must time the harvesting as well. This is encouraged to be done on or around Fall Equinix.

During this time, you will start to see the fan leaves become yellow, curled, and dried out. This is a sign that your plant is ready to be harvested. Closely inspecting the trichomes is also helpful in letting you know when to harvest your cannabis plant.


People have different reasons for growing cannabis in their yard. Regardless of your motivation, timing is important to the growth and development of your cannabis plant. As a result, you should follow the seasons and the best time for planting cannabis plants in your region for optimal plant development. Companies like BC Seeds can help you more in depth to gain more knowledge about cannabis plant.

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